Tuesday, July 19, 2011

New Season..

Thanks everyone for your sweet notes and messages around email, facebook, phone calls and texts.  I really wanted you to know how much I love hearing from you and having my Mom or Hubs read the messages to me.  I feel so loved by everyone.

Please don't feel hurt or ignored if it takes me a little while to respond to all the love I've been receiving.  I am just having a little hiatus from internet so that I can rest when I find the time.  (I'd rather be reading facebook and updating my blog but I better listen to my Mother and "take care of myself".)

I am humbled by your kind words and praises for our daughters.

Here are some fun facts to "tide you over" until I can give a full report and the birth story....

**Annalie's name is from the last half of my name "joANNA" and the last half of my mother's name "lesLIE"... Eleanor is my maternal Grandmother's name.  Maribelle originally came from my Grandpa Icenogle.  His Grandma's name was Isabella and he suggested we use that for our daughters.  Hubs liked the "belle" portion of her name but wanted something different.  Through him just thinking through different names he discovered Maribelle and we fell insta-in-love with her name.  Eunice is my paternal Grandmother's name.
**if we do nicknames we're going to call Maribelle "belle" and Annalie "lie lie" (pronounced lee lee)
**we're feeding on a 3 hour schedule and it takes us about an hour and a half to an hour and 45 minutes to complete one feeding.  We feed them at the same time or "tandem nursing".
**when the girls are sleeping they almost always turn their heads and face each other.  This is consistent with when they were in the womb because they almost always had their heads together.

Love you all.
Now! I am off to take a nap! :)


Sanguine Cole said...

hang in there the feedings do get easier, the first month is the hardest.

Their names are beautiful! I can't wait to meet them and praying for a fast recovery for you! Your mom is right, take care of yourself whenever you get a moment! Enjoy those little girls, it goes by so fast!

jodi said...

awww so cool to hear about their names, did joni tell you i know a merrilee and an annabel? haha their names switched sorta. love the pic you sent to our phone too!! so cute!!!! have a good rest jomama!

spartacus21 said...

I love it! And now Michelle "boo boo" can't call me li li anymore so as to ease confusion :)

Love you Jo! See you soon my friend!

KPF said...

Joanna...I agree with your mom. Stay off the internet and take care of yourself. You need your rest!

The two best things you can do for yourself right now is to #1...drink LOTS of water and #2...sleep when those adorable girls are sleeping (I know, easier said then done)! Taking care of yourself is an important step to being the wonderful mother that I am sure you are.

Hang in there and take care.


PS...I LOVE the names and that you picked ones with meaning. Thanks for sharing that information!

Nicole Suzanne Farley said...

AHHH! I've been MIA from internet for a while, and am JUST NOW realizing that you've had your SWEET LITTLE ONES! They're beautiful, and I'm so excited to hear all about this transition! Love the names, and love you guys...hang in there!

Auntie Beth said...

We are just loving reading about every little detail and see all the amazing photos! Your daughters are absolutely beautiful and we couldn't be more thrilled for all of you! I'm praying for your strength and that you will mind your mommy and get plenty of REST! We love you tons!!!

Auntie Beth

Sara said...

I love that they turn and face each other. So cute. The twin bond is a very special thing.

Jenna said...

Congratulations!!! Beautiful names! :)

The Foster Family said...

So excited for you! And praying you can get some rest in there somewhere!