Thursday, July 30, 2009

thirty-eight days

I am thirty eight days from becoming Mrs. Mikey Wang.
It's exciting, busy, a little bit outrageously crazy fun (that will increase as the days decrease) but if I am honest, a whole lot unknown.

I'm not good with change. I've said it before and I'll say it again. There's a nostalgic side of me that holds on to the beauty of my childhood and the experiences I've had since...

experiences like choosing a college, living with girl roommates, making decisions about after college, stepping off the plane in a new country alone, living in Japan, figuring out life for myself, discovering my intense love for baking, discovering my love for hostessing people, I cried myself to sleep many a nights in college and Japan but always woke up with a sense of God's presence......

What a breath of fresh air M has been in my life. He's been a steady presence in my life since we started dating. He pursued me and won my heart with confidence and has always brought me so much joy.

In 38 days I take my beloved's hand and start a life with him. With every turning of the page in my life, I have felt both nervous and excited.... it will be no different that day. The one thing I can bank on is God's faithfulness and clear presence in my life. The second thing that will help me in my next season as "wife" is the past 26 years of blessing and moments. All those moments I love to recall have made me who I am. All the people who have come into my life have helped steer me on this journey and so all the nostalgic feelings of memories are not hindrances to where I go but stepping stones that I had to cross before I could make it this far.

thirty eight glorious days of preparing... but luckily only thirty eight and not more. :)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Chi-city and baseball games galore!

So continuing with the theme of posting pictures from my 300 picture pile, here is the Schupbach sibling trip to Chicago.Becca, Jonah, Mikey and I rode Amtrak up to meet the rest of the siblings and families in Chicago.

Oh look, there's Edwin!

And Waveland!!

A cute picture of Edwin, Alaina, Jeremy and me at Wrigley field...
What is it with my brothers?

Again I ask...
must be all the excitement of being in Wrigley!
Good thing I'm the normal child.

Becca and me!

Waveland and Rochelle... she's not really vicious... she just has this extra skin grabbing phase she's going through.

Great seats!!

Mikey and I in my favorite city...

On our way to game #2, Peoria Chiefs

yummy ballpark hotdogs!

Miss Waveland turns two on Sunday!!

Ramierz recovering and now back with the Cubs (he was the only reason we went to this game).

Oh how fun it is to sit on Gramma's lap at the game!!
What a blast! I love baseball games!

wedding ideas...

How awesome is this? Alright, bridal party, you better be ready to get your groove on.

I loved this idea. Way to be unique! I got this from Emily who lives life this crazy and fun! Thanks Em (and Kelli) for sharing.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

sisters for real

have i told you how much i love my sister-in-laws?
well, i DO! (joni, name that movie)
i have three awesome, tots rad brothers but the coolest thing is that they married three amazing tots fun women who I get as sisters.
woo hoo!
take Rochelle for instance. This chick is a wealth of creative knowledge. I say, "Hey, Rochelle, how do I make this ratty piece of fabric into a flower?" and voila!
She shows me.
She also makes and sells purses out of old furniture fabric.
She rocks.

Or my sister Alaina. Alaina is the purest soul I have ever met and yet, she has a fierce funny side to her. She's seemingly quiet and gentle but also has the protectiveness of a mama bear. :) She is the person I go to when I am in need of some sanity and peace in my heart.
She is beauty.

and Becca... aw, Becca, who can forget all the lovely nights we shared before you were married to Jonah? I have good memories of staying overnight at your apartment in IC and how much I loved visiting you in your ballet classes.
Becca is the sister with spunk! We have a long history and I know I can be myself with her.

I love my sister in laws or what they really are to me...
sisters for real. ;)

Thanks sisters for being with me through all the craze of wedding planning.
I love you three!


The best part of this is my niece cracking herself up! And of course when she says the equivalent to "a pirate and puppy and oh, all the men!" but for the real translation you have to ask Rochelle or Jordan!! Enjoy!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Bridal Shower 101 by Beth Caldwell

My family threw Mikey and I a fabulous! totally awesome! bridal party.
My Uncle Bryan and Aunt Beth hosted it at their house. I was the most impressed with my Aunt's attention to detail.
The food was amazing and delicious... sandwiches, shark (made by my brother Jeremy), flaming hot cheetos (Mikey's favorite), baked lays (my favorite),
sorbet and

sushi prepared by my brother Jordan.

My Aunt gave Mikey and I our first shower gift...

drink tags so no one tries to drink from our glass. We're going to use these at our wedding!!

Everyone had so much fun; here is Grandma Schupbach stealing a kiss from Edwin.

Princess Lenora entertains her guests in the south wing...



Alanna, Jake, Grandma S. and Marge

Mikey and I had to play a game where we guessed how each other answered questions.
Unfortunately Mikey won :( and I have garbage duty for a whole month!
I wonder if Mikey will make his blushing, beautiful new bride take out that yucky trash?

It was so great to be surrounded by our family whom we love so much.


the bride

the groom

Deilly (Adelia), Becca, Alanna, Jake, and Grandma

Grandpa and Grandma Icenogle
with Uncle Bryan

(Grampa/Dad started a new nickname I like)

the rest of the kids were watching a movie with cousin Katie...


Mikey, I and Aunt Kay at the gift opening

Ooohhh our pots and pans!
Thanks everyone!
Mikey and I love to cook so we will definitely use these!!

Thanks Aunt Beth and Uncle Bryan for our beautiful party! It was above and beyond the call of "duty" and we are so touched that you would do this for us.
We love you both!!

Edwin says, "goodnight" before shutting the door.

Goodnight Edwin... and everyone!

Monday, July 20, 2009


On the Constitution Trail...we took Lenora and Adelia to see Grandpa Schupbachs' bench...Lenora liked the words.
my beloved helps my sweet niece read.
Lenora and Adelia


We love visiting and remembering Grandpa on his bench.