Wednesday, July 22, 2009

sisters for real

have i told you how much i love my sister-in-laws?
well, i DO! (joni, name that movie)
i have three awesome, tots rad brothers but the coolest thing is that they married three amazing tots fun women who I get as sisters.
woo hoo!
take Rochelle for instance. This chick is a wealth of creative knowledge. I say, "Hey, Rochelle, how do I make this ratty piece of fabric into a flower?" and voila!
She shows me.
She also makes and sells purses out of old furniture fabric.
She rocks.

Or my sister Alaina. Alaina is the purest soul I have ever met and yet, she has a fierce funny side to her. She's seemingly quiet and gentle but also has the protectiveness of a mama bear. :) She is the person I go to when I am in need of some sanity and peace in my heart.
She is beauty.

and Becca... aw, Becca, who can forget all the lovely nights we shared before you were married to Jonah? I have good memories of staying overnight at your apartment in IC and how much I loved visiting you in your ballet classes.
Becca is the sister with spunk! We have a long history and I know I can be myself with her.

I love my sister in laws or what they really are to me...
sisters for real. ;)

Thanks sisters for being with me through all the craze of wedding planning.
I love you three!


Jamie said...

i hope my little dudes find ladies like this someday!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Love ya, sister. Tots!