Sunday, February 28, 2010

Lucky You

Lucky you... I skipped a day photo-blogging Waveland's week here in California and so I am making up for it with this last post (sad) and videos GALORE after this post. Enjoy getting a glimpse into the life of this beautiful little girl and her wonderful parents! Waveland was determined to eat chocolate ice cream with gummy worms.
ohhh yum!

a little chocolate mustache never hurt anyone, right?
getting some much needed auntie time

chocolate chip cookies (mom, see w's apron?)

ready to put them in the oven

teaching Waveland to use my camera before she took this next beauty....

oh yikes!! we're a little close!

and a picture of daddy!

on our way down to San Diego! Sad day to say goodbye to my lovely niece and family!

How to: Ride Star

How to: Sneak

How to: Work off energy from a donut

How to: Learn to Dance from a Danny Kane and V era Ellen

How to: Shoo away Pigeons

How to: Eat an Oyster

How to: sing the ABC's

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Good Eatin'

While in California and especially at our townouse, it's important to eat the local delicacies... and yes, I realize Krispy Kreme is not really a delicacy but alas, it is 1/4 block away from our house that we have to partake of the local shops. :)
Align CenterGood Morning Waveland

Strawberry donut

Picking off the frosting

donuts with chocolate milk...

After breakfast we have to head out for some "exercise"...
this is Waveland explaining to me how fish sleep.


Waveland telling Mikey one of her many great stories.

Ohhh is it lunchtime?

Crack that open, buddy! We got some good eats to partake of!

Family time at the Redondo Beach harbor



30 minutes prior to this, this little dude was swimming!

But not anymoooore! tee hee hee

I look so cute and innocent, don't I?

But I assure you...

there was nothing innocent about lunchtime.

Time for some more exercise...

While in California it is VERY important that you eat In N Out...
Waveland was completely enthralled with the smell of the french fries...

she was also fond of their taste.

I think our bellies are full and our hearts even more!

Stay tuned for MORE pictures and videos!!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

There's No Sunshine Like Californian Sunshine...

It was WAY too warm to stay inside today so we decided to head out...
into the sunshine. Miss Waveland has taken a fancy to anything girly... the paper umbrellas, the high heels... etc.

Of course I can't resist some girly stuff myself.

And then, off to the beach.

Waveland and her Mama

Curious about the bird...

but don't worry. Waveland was sure to tell all the birds, "Shoo!!"

Walking around Balboa Island.

Taking the ferry across

What a beautiful day in California!! We sure love having Miss Waveland here with us. And we're so glad she brought her Mom and Dad. We love having them here too!