Monday, February 08, 2010

Lost Pictures

While snapping some pictures of my latest baking project (Valentine's Week=Chocolate Week) I unloaded my pictures onto my computer and lo, and behold! There were pictures from September on the memory card. I had snapped some pictures leading up to my wedding when family started to gather but with moving, traveling, and wedding bliss I forgot all about these beauties.And I do mean beauty!

The pictures of my wedding present to my parents... some backyard decorating!
Some long lost photos of the two men that have fought and beaten cancer! My Uncle Bryan and my Poppy.

Sneaking in some candids...

Along with giving my parents some backyard decorations that although the plants have passed on to better places since the fall/winter... the ceramic pots and lighting will continue to warm hearts throughout the warmer seasons, I hope... I also treated my parents to a fancy and fun-filled dinner where we sat and ate the three of us, just enjoying life as it was and anticipating the fun we would have (and have found out we are having)...

And then the family started to arrive and I threw a "Flower Girls and Ring Bearer Picnic Celebration" at the park for the cutest kids in the world.
Waveland Eliza

The many faces of Adelia True

Edwin David

the young bride (and Rochelle carrying my nephew which we didn't know about at the time!)

Getting Grampa! The favorite pasttime of Schupbach grandkids

how could I have ever lost these pictures? So precious and such a fun find today!

And just in case you were wondering what I was baking...
Valentine's Week=Chocolate Week

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Ed said...

Thanks for posting these. It's really neat to see them ... missing The Grand Children as we do ... and especially since right now it's snowing to beat the band and colder than a well digger's grasp in January.