Monday, February 08, 2010

Mondays; to like or not to like?

How is it Monday already? The weekends seem to escape me. Well, this weekend, I know what I was doing. I was laying in bed trying to get over this nasty cold and when I wasn't in bed I was wishing I was.
Boo to colds!
And boo to Mondays arriving before they should. Don't they always seem like the quickest day of the week? Before you know it, it's Monday again? How do Mondays do that? I'm slowly enjoying Sunday and BLAM-O!! it's Monday again.
Sheesh Mondays, have some respect for Sunday!
It's Monday and although Mondays are notoriously not my favorite days... this semester Mondays are turning out. to. be. not. so. bad. I say this hesitantly because Mondays are also notorious for being unpredictable!
Mondays this semester are slow days where I get to pretend I'm productive which in turn helps me practice being productive. All of my "have to's" all occur at night. So during the day I get to wake up, greet Monday with my usual (non)enthusiasm aka a strong cup of coffee and then... do things I want to do. This semester, Mondays are shaping up to be quite nice.
Don't misunderstand me. I still have to get things done on Mondays. It's just that I can do more "homey" things on Monday mornings.
Today I'm diligently crossing things off my list and adding things to my list just to cross them off.
Do you ever do that? Be honest.
I do it all the time. Take this post... writing it, finishing it and publishing it was not on my list of things to do today... but now I shall add writing this and then promptly cross it off. I do this because it encourages my productivity. I look at my list of things to do and think, "wow! I got a lot done today." even though half of the items were merely added for the sake of crossing them off.
I warned you I was weird, didn't I?
Well, anyway, whether we like Mondays or not, here they come... every week, without fail, without asking us.

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