Saturday, June 30, 2007

"I better see this on your blog" and voila!

EnJOYing the SETTERS from Psalm25 and Vimeo.

You make me smile...

Friday night: Yaya to Me, "You're not very tall are you?" and after thinking a bit continues, "Maybe when you are a Mommy you'll grow, cause my Mommy is tall." "Do you want to play with me?"
Today we had a scavanger hunt for the SETTERS. They dressed up and hid around Tama Center. That's right folks, the following pictures have indeed been taken in public.
Yasushi is waiting for the game to start.
Shanghai's kakuii (cool) shirt!
The Dream Team... I mean, I don't want to brag or anything but perhaps this team was made in scavanger hunt heaven. ha ha!
Sae, Shanghai, and Jo (Kie joined us later)
Our first "find" Lisa as a pregnant woman and Ariel as a street performer. Their challenge for us was to sing, "I Want It That Way" by the Backstreet Boys.
Mikey was dressed as a child. Instead of waiting for people to find him, he would RUN so that it was almost impossible to catch him.
"Mikey, didn't you hear me call out your name?" I asked.
"Yeah, but I just ignored you."

I'm sorry, just in case that first picture didn't give Mikey justice. He wore Abbie's backpack and hat... it was just crazy. His challenge was to play a game with him.
Of course, Rebekka and Chris gotta be thuggin'. I wouldn't accept anything less than the best California attitude from these two. :) They were hip hop dancing in Tama Center and their challenge was a "dance off".
Curt was a sports player and his challenge was to score a soccer goal against him.
Meaghan was a European tourist... oh, she looks lost.
Her challenge was that we had to perform, "I'm A Little Teapot" in front of people at Tama Center. (Obviously Shanghai didn't get the memo that the spout goes on the left side. ha ha;) !)
I missed a picture of Ken because I started getting this crazy notion that we could actually win... we were running around from person to person. Lawerence was our last SETTER to find. His challenge was to find something for his "soup" (he was a chef). I threw in a pack of gum and we were off for the finish line.
HERE YOU GO!!!! For all of you who have been waiting for a picture of my new roommate, here she is!!!! Drum roll for my dear AYANO EGASHIRA!!!!!
I would also like to tell you that at this very moment I am introducing my dear Ayano to "Footloose" the movie. That's right. I'm trying to refrain from teaching her the dance but we'll just see where this night leads...
Mikey waits to see what the verdict is for his game... three steps or ten?
Racing through Tama Center... Lawerence and Akio, Mikey and Tatsu, Mary and Kie
Despite their faces, I think Chris and Kay Kay enjoyed their day. Kayla had a full day of activities.
Like I said, Kayla had a full day of eating ice cream, dancing in Tama Center, and playing in the dirt.Ariel, Meaghan, and Jo enjoyed their day as well.
Leaving on the train... heading out to get some sushi before calling the day "quits"!
Ohhhhh, Kie and I had a full day. We are cho tired.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Summer Birthdays

I have had a couple birthdays that didn't get their "proper" props. So let me just take a second and say,
Thanks for being the steady one in our family. Thanks for pushing us to improve our minds and hearts for the Gospel. Thank you for sharing your life and love with me.
I totally respect and honor you, Jonah.

Jonah shares his birthday with my Grandpa Schupbach... who is closing in on 90. He won't be stopped. In fact this picture is titled, "Still swingin'" I have very genki (or lively) Grandparents. They are the life-givers and heroes of our family. I have so many good memories of my Grandpa. He will forever be "in the garage, working on a project" in my mind, coming in after a long day, smelling like sawdust and sweat. Sweet memories of his laughter, his love for God and his love for his wife and family.

Finally, today, my sweet sister-in-law Rochelle had her birthday. Rochelle is about 8 1/2 months pregnant (she's EVEN bigger than this picture, i saw her!!!) and about to give birth to my niece. Jordan and Rochelle's first.

One of my earliest memories of Rochelle was watching her play a gig in a coffeeshop. She has such a beautiful sultry voice that I love listening to. She not only has a soothing tone but a soothing heart. She can smooth over any situation. Go here to listen to Rochelle sing.

Rochelle, I love and miss you! Happy Birthday to my sister! (inlaw)

And finally, my cousin Josiah had a birthday. Sorry no pictures.

But Josiah has always been my little sidekick all through life. From the days I used to give him a "horsey ride" to the days of cruising Bloomington/Normal. I love you Josiah like a brother and really look forward to seeing you again. Happy Birthday!


A concert for the Schupbach music lovers... but since that is chotto muzikashi (a little difficult) i'll do the next best thing... post a good video.

I was introduced to Andy McKee via an ipod and was instantly hooked. I hope you enjoy his music. I love you all. Happy Birthday family!

Andy Mckee - Guitar - Drifting -

The guys were right, you can't fully appreciate Andy McKee's music until you watch him play.


Welcome to Nikko! Tokyo BEST plus SETTERS

Shinta, Meaghan, Rebekka, Mamo, and Yasushi

Where the three monkeys and "see no, hear no, speak no evil" came from...
Lisa, Ayumi, and Kie
Curt, Mikey, and Chris... although I'm pretty sure Chris is peeking.

Okay, I have to stop here and be honest... I did NOT take any of these super cool pictures. I owe these shots to Mikey Wang who was my photographer in Nikko (while I set up camp in Utsu). Wish I had this eye for things but naw, you'll have to get a hold of Mikey to see "how he does it." :)

look closely...

Meaghan and Saaya
Ayumi and Ariel
Then we loaded up...
literally and headed off to the campsite.
We had a firebuilding contest...
the nightsky was beautiful... oh, sweet stars how I miss you so.
Dinner and settling in for the night...
The next day we had a blast playing in the river...
we all washed our hair and "cleaned up"... here is Ariel doing the "flip" with her hair. What a cutie!
Ken went "spear fishing"... didn't catch a whole lot...
A great picture of Mark.... thanks Mikey for this one. I really think it captures my friend well.
But when the boys started building "holes" and trapping people in them (Swiss Family Robinson, anyone?) I knew it was time to leave. :)
So here is "my" stone memorial of the weekend... I call it, Immanuel or God With Us... which is my favorite thing to remember about God, that He is always with us.