Monday, June 11, 2007

Come on baby!

Has it been nine months yet? Sheesh, come baby come! Come out into the world. We are waiting for your sweet face.
I know you are being "fearfully and wonderfully made" and that your being "woven together in the depths of the earth" but sheesh!
You sure are taking your sweet little time.
My sweet sweet niece!
If you learn anything from your Auntie Jo, don't let it be my "fashionably late" habit. Although if I remember correctly, I made my *BIG DEBUT* before the scheduled time. Isn't that right, Mama? I was early.
Come baby come!
In the secret moments of life,
in the stillness of comfort.
May you meet your Creator,
Your Daddy.
Your Faithful Love.
May you come into this life,
filled with His presence and grace.
And may we learn
His presence and grace
from you.
We await your arrival and know
without a doubt,
that you will bring us joy and happiness.
So with that said, enjoy this time.
This peace,
this sleep.
But then,
come baby come!
The last time I talked to Jeremy and Alaina (yes, they are pregnant too, baby central in the Schupbach house~ woo hoo!!) I said, "i love you Jeremy. I love you Alaina."
And Jeremy replies, "What about Bump? Don't you love Bump?"
So to my two little bumps... about to come into the world soon (come baby come) and another due in November... may this time be a blessing between you and your Creator.
May you rest easy and gain a peace that will carry you into this life.
I cannot wait to sing to you, snuggle with you, and spoil you rotten. I love being an auntie.
Come babies come!
But for now, sleep on. In God's perfect timing you will bless me immensly with your sweet sweet exsistence.
We love you already.
Your family.


Kelli B said...

awe, Rochelle looks so cute!!!

She's totally prego!

I love pregnant photos. I cant wait for them to be parents. And for you to be auntie! :)

Jordan said...


Jamie said...

pregnant ladies are so beautiful!! (everyone says "ladies" when they say pregnant, don't they? weird..) seeing that picture makes me excited and hopeful for another pregnancy someday. jones turns 3 mos. on wednesday!! unbelievable..

btw, thanks for your thoughts on the blogging.. i should email about my "leaving" issues..

the "o" jamie