Thursday, June 07, 2007

if tears could talk...

embrace the moment,
embracing each other,
there are certain things,
i shall never take for granted.
words can't express
what tears do justice.
we have seen life
and death.
joy and
you were the first one i called
when i was heartbroken
and weary,
helping to carry the load,
i couldn't carry alone.
turning me to Jesus,
and showing me how.
you inspire me
to push on
and persevere.
though the black and white
keys look strange
and the tune has changed a bit,
i am confident He will show you
what worship can look like.
and i believe you
worship with your life.
thankful to have you,
my musician,
my laughter,
my teacher,
my hero,
my leader,
my friend,
my father.

1 comment:

Ed said...

"Courage - c.1300 O.Fr. 'corage', fr L. 'cor' or 'heart' - a common metaphor for inner strength ..."

Courage is not an attribute that is personal so much as a discovery that is relational. We find it in life most often when we least think it is there.

It is there because of the others who are at your center, at your 'core', who live in your heart as your reason for living.

In the heart that holds the deepest love, even in the darkest of times, one will always find courage; never a thing of the self; always of the others, for whom you live.

My trial reveals my heart, where you are, with all those Beloved Who surround the throne that is there, where I am not, I trust, and where He reigns.

I am just one among the observers.

'Take my hands and let them move, at the impulse of Your Love ... at the impulse of Your Love.'

Your Dad