Thursday, September 25, 2008

I see You in everything...

Saturday, September 20, 2008


*But he who is noble, plans noble things and on noble things he stands.* Isaiah 32:8

noble: admirable in dignity of conception, manner of expression, execution, or composition.

When was the last time you did something noble? Or when was the last time you stood up for something that was noble?

A group of us hung out last night and we were going around sharing about work, love, and life... and surprisingly one of us had stepped down from a job that he loved and seemed to be flourishing in. There were compromises being made by the company that this man was not willing to make. So he stepped down... reminding me of another guy I know who took a stand to spend more time with his family, to say "no" to corporate money making America and "yes" to the nuclear family and building a home for his daughter and future children...

and this reminds me of a young couple I know who instead of trying to get as close as possible to the "physical line" of kissing, snuggling, and so on and so forth... are drawing the line closer to safety. Instead of trying to see how close they can get and still be "ok", the man in the relationship is leading in such a way that the line is further from danger and closer to Jesus.

Somedays I forget... that good things are still happening... but if I just take a minute and look at the beautiful people in my life... if I can just open my eyes, I can see Jesus around me. In the hearts and lives of people planning and standing on noble things...

when was the last time you or i did something noble?

Friday, September 19, 2008

Someday I'll do interviews....

I decided to "introduce" you to my new team here at UCLA. I know you can't fully get to know them until I do a proper interview... maybe I can slyly do it while Kristine reads the paper (papes as she calls it... she shortens every word!!) but I'll just post their photos so when I say "Drew" you can put a picture with that name...
The first is Kristine. Miss Kristine... my beloved teammate and roommate. She keeps me laughing and rolling through most days. She is deep but also light. :) She's totally in tune with all things hip and cute. :) She loves the Lord with her heart and prays with me about all things. She and I have similar personalities and issues. I'm really REALLY glad I have Kristine. (more on roommate numero dos Katie another time. We're trying to get some fun pictures of the three of us but we're rarely home at the same time and not in our pajamas. :D
The 2nd face you have to know is Jason Jew. Yes, that is his last name. I call him "jew jew" or "jas face". I once called him "jew" but I'm guessing that might not get a solid reaction from people who don't know his last name. :) Jason is a hidden treasure. Sorry to refer to my manly teammate in that way but I saw Jason and thought hmmm he's gonna be like "type a" and instead Jason is not only NOT type a (just an example) he's no type at all. This guy sings in the car although I thought he was shy. He laughs and tells jokes... he's incredibly personable and friendly and all the while trying to convince me he's "introverted".
ha! i snort at that. I think he's an extrovert in hiding.
Jason is also in tune with others around him. I'll casually mention I like something, like music, and next thing I know, he's playing my tunes on his ipod for me. Rock on, Jew Jew, rock on!

Third face you gotta become familiar with is Drew Garrido. Stellar man, hilarious and my new computer guru. Drew thinks and acts and processes on levels I've only heard refered to by increda smart people. Drew is muy intelliente. But he's not so smart I can't relate to him... in fact, just the opposite. He's also very "comfortable" to hang out with. He'll start a conversation and relate to you about almost anything you're interested in. Drew is athlete and runner-extradordinare. He and I jammed out to Nickel Creek... it was solid. He's so cool. He loves the LORD and loves people. He's pretty cool. I have a lot of respect for him and know he's transitioning through a lot right now. (born, raised and lived in Phoenix until a week ago...)

Fourth person you should know is Liz Tsang. (tsang~ like i sang a song!) Liz is a lot of fun for me because she is also from the midwest and even went to... you guessed it... ISU. Which is not my school but my hometown's school. Liz is incredibly down to earth and easy-going. She's also like little mother hen. She's caring and gifted to see and follow through with the needs of others. She has a huge heart for the women at UCLA. She's not only a great friend but she is going to make (and even makes now) a superb wife. She is married to James Tsang (below) and she has a deep desire to cultivate a faithful, lasting, loving, growing, healthy marriage with her hubby. Thanks Liz for being a woman who loves Jesus. (and for being from the midwest so we can do the "kankakee cheer"!!)

And last but not least is James "Jimmy" Tsang. (once again Tsang~as in sang as in "the bird sang a lovely little tune.") James is a "go to" guy. He has offered to help me with numerous little set-up things as I adjust to life around Westwood. He's ready to help me get settled and feel like westwood is "home". He's also a guy that will "get my back" if ever I need it. I had this awful situation with my bank that I just wanted to sweep under the rug and forget about but James advised me to go in to the bank and just let them know what was up... and he said, "Do you want me to go with you?" Even though I said "no" knowing that he would have come with me and would have helped me stand up for myself was so great. I can tell James is gonna be a lot of fun.

In fact, all my teammates are going to be fun.

I hope you enjoyed "meeting" my teammates. Stop by again for an update on Katie Lovely Lovas (roommate dos) and updates on life here in LA.

Friday, September 12, 2008


With a lot of time to fill, I've been monkeying with my camera. Here are some shots from our back patio here at 440.
The room outside of Kristine's and my door.

a comfy place to read.

our awesome patio furniture and fire pit.

fire pit.

the awesome furniture

and again but closer.

and just for fun, the paper parasols in our room....

Tuesday, September 09, 2008


Stealing this from Jamie O'Donnell who is keeping me on my toes these days. This girl really rocks. Check out her blog here. She did this -ing post that caught my eye. I thought this might be a fun way to sum up all the newness of transitioning to LA.

Buying lots of new things for my apartment in LA. I felt so grown-up buying my first mattress and box springs.

Shopping at Ikea was overwhelming and I know everyone is crazy for Ikea but my first shopping experience there didn't impress me like I thought it would. I expected to love Ikea but I think I was just happy to be out of there.

Celebrating my first year anniversary with Mikey. Wow. I can't believe we've been dating a whole year. It's been so much fun to do long distance, hard but fun. I've learned a lot about Mikey and so much about myself. He surprised me with an Italian dinner, letters he wrote that were delievered by our waiters and a picnic on the rooftop. Ooooooo nice!

Drinking pumpkin spice lattes. Oh yay! It's fall!!!

Cooking is a tad bit overwhelming but not bad. I have yet, to figure where everything is in LA. So I'm still trying to remember what I want to make and what ingredients I have. Mikey was sweet enough to pick up shoyu (soy sauce) and mirin for me at a Japanese grocery store. These two plus cooking sake were my staple sauces I used in Japan.

Wishing that I can go home for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I might have to pass on one of those holidays but if I can find a cheap flight home for both of those holidays I plan on snuggling next to the fire with a good book.

Freaking out because we have mice, squirrels and raccoons on our back patio. I have yet to see a mouse or raccoon but rumor has it, they are there.

Mastering the bus/train/bike routes here in LA is one of my top-priority items to accomplish. I'm feeling energized by the task that lies before me. I really want to prove that you don't need a car to survive in America. However, this may take days/weeks/years and tears...

Listening to a sermon that James sent our LA team. I only listened to the first part but it's solid. I need to set aside quality time to listen and journal about the lesson.

Mailing some fun letters to a couple of friends. The post office was the tip of the cultural iceberg in Japan... wonder if I can handle the LA post office?? ha ha...

Going to do some of the things on my "to-do" list.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Leaving the Midwest...

I had to tell you about my last few days in the midwest (i'm now in LA) but before I start I had to announce that PUMPKIN SPICE LATTES are in town and HOORAY!! We get to enjoy...
and by "we" I'm generally just giving myself permission to enjoy them for all of us... The last week I spent in the midwest I traveled to Iowa to see the BEST club, who were on their America trip...
this is me... reuniting with Jennifer.
Hello my love.Kyle and his family have lived on their farm for most of his life... let's just say about 23 years. It is the cleanest farm I have ever seen not that that's saying a lot but still. It's clean. And they have no cats. Which is great... I didn't know farms existed without cats because what happens to their mice... I asked Kyle this but I forgot his response. Maybe cat and mouse-less farm. Now that is amazing!

The combine... and combine models;
Joni, Sae, Jennifer and I

Farm modeling. We got this phone call from Farmers Assocation of America and they asked if we could do some natural poses. I think this one is for the Farming Calendar 2009 edition... September. I know this is September because we were near the pumpkins for October.

Oh no wait, everything I just said up there is a lie.

A real farmer!!

When we weren't doing our photo shoots we went to Cedar Rapids Airport and picked up the BEST students. The Skogman Corporate Relocation team came with us to help Welcome the students to America..

It is this little fellas first time to go abroad.... oh Tomohito. How I've missed you.
Jennifer and I snuck away one morning to the wonderful smell and sight of Java House; Mormon Trek style. We kept hoping to bump into someone we knew from college but alas, it was just the two of us and good memories.

We found some fun things at Target. The girls thought the HOMER SIMPSON slippers were hilarious... oh what a bother... we've been interrupted by yet, another photo shoot.

i tell ya, when you become famous, it's hard to escape the demands of the modeling life...
I don't think we mind though...Besides all that silly modeling nonsense and airport nonsense and the coffee house nonsense... we spent the evening back on the farm... it was wonderful! Joni, Mark and I went 4-wheeling.

I am not afraid of mud. In fact I love the mud. I look for the mud. I expect to get dirty when I go 4-wheeling. I however, did not expect to ruin my rainbows... oh well.

Mark, Joni and I
Joni's glasses need those little windshield wiper thingys.

We finished the night off with a bonfire. Jennifer and her Mom

We gave the students a tour of the University of Iowa. It was awesome. Jennifer's mother's boyfriend has the hook-up at the U so we were able to do things and go places where no normal human beings have been before.... nice.
Here we are, honoring Nile Kinnick.
Joni and I give Nile one last hug before we...
head inside (here with chris and molly)...
Tokyo staff past and present...

Inside the new stadium...
From the press box...
Inside Carver Hawkeye Arena
Molly and I at the Old Capitol...

The Old Capitol
There was something so strange about being back at Iowa. I felt this desire to tell people I used to be a student there. As I was walking between buildings and seeing old sights I felt this need to let people know I wasn't just a visitor but that I had, actually at one point, lived there.
Too soon the visit was over and I spent my last night in the midwest back at my parents place... the timing was too quick but I am thankful for the chance to spend two solid months with my parents in Illinois. They are a huge blessing and such generous people. I love them and miss them.
At the airport with Joni...
Their "see you later" present... pom pons because they are my cheerleaders...
Joni and I on our flight to LA.

I'll be sure to keep you posted on life in LA... be sure to check back in every now and then.