Monday, September 08, 2008

Leaving the Midwest...

I had to tell you about my last few days in the midwest (i'm now in LA) but before I start I had to announce that PUMPKIN SPICE LATTES are in town and HOORAY!! We get to enjoy...
and by "we" I'm generally just giving myself permission to enjoy them for all of us... The last week I spent in the midwest I traveled to Iowa to see the BEST club, who were on their America trip...
this is me... reuniting with Jennifer.
Hello my love.Kyle and his family have lived on their farm for most of his life... let's just say about 23 years. It is the cleanest farm I have ever seen not that that's saying a lot but still. It's clean. And they have no cats. Which is great... I didn't know farms existed without cats because what happens to their mice... I asked Kyle this but I forgot his response. Maybe cat and mouse-less farm. Now that is amazing!

The combine... and combine models;
Joni, Sae, Jennifer and I

Farm modeling. We got this phone call from Farmers Assocation of America and they asked if we could do some natural poses. I think this one is for the Farming Calendar 2009 edition... September. I know this is September because we were near the pumpkins for October.

Oh no wait, everything I just said up there is a lie.

A real farmer!!

When we weren't doing our photo shoots we went to Cedar Rapids Airport and picked up the BEST students. The Skogman Corporate Relocation team came with us to help Welcome the students to America..

It is this little fellas first time to go abroad.... oh Tomohito. How I've missed you.
Jennifer and I snuck away one morning to the wonderful smell and sight of Java House; Mormon Trek style. We kept hoping to bump into someone we knew from college but alas, it was just the two of us and good memories.

We found some fun things at Target. The girls thought the HOMER SIMPSON slippers were hilarious... oh what a bother... we've been interrupted by yet, another photo shoot.

i tell ya, when you become famous, it's hard to escape the demands of the modeling life...
I don't think we mind though...Besides all that silly modeling nonsense and airport nonsense and the coffee house nonsense... we spent the evening back on the farm... it was wonderful! Joni, Mark and I went 4-wheeling.

I am not afraid of mud. In fact I love the mud. I look for the mud. I expect to get dirty when I go 4-wheeling. I however, did not expect to ruin my rainbows... oh well.

Mark, Joni and I
Joni's glasses need those little windshield wiper thingys.

We finished the night off with a bonfire. Jennifer and her Mom

We gave the students a tour of the University of Iowa. It was awesome. Jennifer's mother's boyfriend has the hook-up at the U so we were able to do things and go places where no normal human beings have been before.... nice.
Here we are, honoring Nile Kinnick.
Joni and I give Nile one last hug before we...
head inside (here with chris and molly)...
Tokyo staff past and present...

Inside the new stadium...
From the press box...
Inside Carver Hawkeye Arena
Molly and I at the Old Capitol...

The Old Capitol
There was something so strange about being back at Iowa. I felt this desire to tell people I used to be a student there. As I was walking between buildings and seeing old sights I felt this need to let people know I wasn't just a visitor but that I had, actually at one point, lived there.
Too soon the visit was over and I spent my last night in the midwest back at my parents place... the timing was too quick but I am thankful for the chance to spend two solid months with my parents in Illinois. They are a huge blessing and such generous people. I love them and miss them.
At the airport with Joni...
Their "see you later" present... pom pons because they are my cheerleaders...
Joni and I on our flight to LA.

I'll be sure to keep you posted on life in LA... be sure to check back in every now and then.

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Kelli B said...

I love seeing your pictures of the Japanese visit! That is awesome you got to join them, and Joni too. AND that Jen and Kyle got to see their family. AND...that you had such a good time. I love it!
Your parents are so great! You have a special bond.
Cant wait to hear more about LA. And what you discover, as you explore the city. Woo!