Saturday, September 20, 2008


*But he who is noble, plans noble things and on noble things he stands.* Isaiah 32:8

noble: admirable in dignity of conception, manner of expression, execution, or composition.

When was the last time you did something noble? Or when was the last time you stood up for something that was noble?

A group of us hung out last night and we were going around sharing about work, love, and life... and surprisingly one of us had stepped down from a job that he loved and seemed to be flourishing in. There were compromises being made by the company that this man was not willing to make. So he stepped down... reminding me of another guy I know who took a stand to spend more time with his family, to say "no" to corporate money making America and "yes" to the nuclear family and building a home for his daughter and future children...

and this reminds me of a young couple I know who instead of trying to get as close as possible to the "physical line" of kissing, snuggling, and so on and so forth... are drawing the line closer to safety. Instead of trying to see how close they can get and still be "ok", the man in the relationship is leading in such a way that the line is further from danger and closer to Jesus.

Somedays I forget... that good things are still happening... but if I just take a minute and look at the beautiful people in my life... if I can just open my eyes, I can see Jesus around me. In the hearts and lives of people planning and standing on noble things...

when was the last time you or i did something noble?

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