Friday, September 19, 2008

Someday I'll do interviews....

I decided to "introduce" you to my new team here at UCLA. I know you can't fully get to know them until I do a proper interview... maybe I can slyly do it while Kristine reads the paper (papes as she calls it... she shortens every word!!) but I'll just post their photos so when I say "Drew" you can put a picture with that name...
The first is Kristine. Miss Kristine... my beloved teammate and roommate. She keeps me laughing and rolling through most days. She is deep but also light. :) She's totally in tune with all things hip and cute. :) She loves the Lord with her heart and prays with me about all things. She and I have similar personalities and issues. I'm really REALLY glad I have Kristine. (more on roommate numero dos Katie another time. We're trying to get some fun pictures of the three of us but we're rarely home at the same time and not in our pajamas. :D
The 2nd face you have to know is Jason Jew. Yes, that is his last name. I call him "jew jew" or "jas face". I once called him "jew" but I'm guessing that might not get a solid reaction from people who don't know his last name. :) Jason is a hidden treasure. Sorry to refer to my manly teammate in that way but I saw Jason and thought hmmm he's gonna be like "type a" and instead Jason is not only NOT type a (just an example) he's no type at all. This guy sings in the car although I thought he was shy. He laughs and tells jokes... he's incredibly personable and friendly and all the while trying to convince me he's "introverted".
ha! i snort at that. I think he's an extrovert in hiding.
Jason is also in tune with others around him. I'll casually mention I like something, like music, and next thing I know, he's playing my tunes on his ipod for me. Rock on, Jew Jew, rock on!

Third face you gotta become familiar with is Drew Garrido. Stellar man, hilarious and my new computer guru. Drew thinks and acts and processes on levels I've only heard refered to by increda smart people. Drew is muy intelliente. But he's not so smart I can't relate to him... in fact, just the opposite. He's also very "comfortable" to hang out with. He'll start a conversation and relate to you about almost anything you're interested in. Drew is athlete and runner-extradordinare. He and I jammed out to Nickel Creek... it was solid. He's so cool. He loves the LORD and loves people. He's pretty cool. I have a lot of respect for him and know he's transitioning through a lot right now. (born, raised and lived in Phoenix until a week ago...)

Fourth person you should know is Liz Tsang. (tsang~ like i sang a song!) Liz is a lot of fun for me because she is also from the midwest and even went to... you guessed it... ISU. Which is not my school but my hometown's school. Liz is incredibly down to earth and easy-going. She's also like little mother hen. She's caring and gifted to see and follow through with the needs of others. She has a huge heart for the women at UCLA. She's not only a great friend but she is going to make (and even makes now) a superb wife. She is married to James Tsang (below) and she has a deep desire to cultivate a faithful, lasting, loving, growing, healthy marriage with her hubby. Thanks Liz for being a woman who loves Jesus. (and for being from the midwest so we can do the "kankakee cheer"!!)

And last but not least is James "Jimmy" Tsang. (once again Tsang~as in sang as in "the bird sang a lovely little tune.") James is a "go to" guy. He has offered to help me with numerous little set-up things as I adjust to life around Westwood. He's ready to help me get settled and feel like westwood is "home". He's also a guy that will "get my back" if ever I need it. I had this awful situation with my bank that I just wanted to sweep under the rug and forget about but James advised me to go in to the bank and just let them know what was up... and he said, "Do you want me to go with you?" Even though I said "no" knowing that he would have come with me and would have helped me stand up for myself was so great. I can tell James is gonna be a lot of fun.

In fact, all my teammates are going to be fun.

I hope you enjoyed "meeting" my teammates. Stop by again for an update on Katie Lovely Lovas (roommate dos) and updates on life here in LA.


jamie said...

good to see faces jo! thanks

Kelli B said...

it's so great to "meet your team" JO! Thanks for posting that. Awesome.

hope someday I can meet them in person. word!

Christy said...

This is so much fun! I love that you're in our region!

ME said...

I like the looks of your team.

Can't wait to meet them.

Any of them climb Mt. Whitney?


Kelsey said...

How fun to hear your perspective of the staff and how you have been able to get to know them more and more :)

I am so happy you are here!