Saturday, September 19, 2009

Project Cultivate Creativity

I'm all about cultivating here at Cultivating blog.

From learning to garden and actually cultivating to cultivating a heart for the Lord, I've got my eyes open for opportunities to learn and be renewed in who I am and who I was created to be.

Well, the latest project is cultivating in me my sense of decorating and creating. How do you take empty space with furniture strewn about and blank walls and make it look like what you have in your heart and mind...

I'm learning one of the key ingredients in cultivating (are you sick of that word yet?) a home is patience.

Patience and also endurance. For example; it will take time to make my house more developed and filled. It takes time to figure out where to hang pictures and shelves. It takes time to find the perfect piece that compliments other pieces. Patience.

It also takes endurance. Don't ask me why but I have my heart set on finding a china cabinet that has a farmhouse look to it. And not just any old china cabinet but a yellow china cabinet. All the colors in my living/dining/kitchen area are a beautiful dark brown/wood combination. And I think the perfect bright color to capture the room is canary yellow!!

Imagine a sunflower if you will.

Anyway, I am just learning to have the patience...
the right piece will come along
and the endurance
the right piece I am dreaming of will come along.

I'm probably going to be doing a project... cultivating the painter side of me. So stay tuned. And P.S. probably going to be after the honeymoon which starts tomorrow. Woo hoo!!
P.P.S. Also had my parents here for 3-4 days and it's been wonderful. I'll post pictures of their adventures here in California (first time my Dad came here but my Mom came on a family vacation when she was young so Long Beach was new to her!!!) Pictures coming soon!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

little lime tree

Life has been moving on... we're at a navigator conference now and it is so exciting to be here and to be with good friends.

Mikey and I are blessed to have such a supportive and encouraging community around us.

The big things I daydream about these days are china hutches and gardening.... I love it. It's so much fun to have this blank canvas of a home and a husband who says, "Go for it. This is your kitchen/china hutch/duvet cover/decorating idea..." etc.

*sigh* I am happily married.

Does anyone out there know anything about lime trees? Mikey and I have one and we are hoping to nurish the little guy and bring forth fruit.

I would love to cultivate a garden full of lime trees and other trees that I can use to make delicious dishes. I keep thinking about the wonderful lavendar, rosemary and other herbs that my parents planted this summer.... oh, how I wish I could have a starter sprig of all of those. :)

Anyway, life is full and so is my heart... now, to study my new betty crocker cookbook and fill my husband's and my belly!

Friday, September 11, 2009


Marriage is the best!
It feels so natural and normal to hang out with Mikey and to be supporting him in all his different directions and venues of life. "boys night?" sure, go ahead my love! (except than, home alone I started getting scared and I had to fight the urge to call him and ask him to return)

Mikey and I have no internet at our home right now. We are waiting until the dudes can come around October. We're waiting until then because we leave for our 10 day honeymoon in Hawaii!!

So here I am, borrowing Dan Smeltzer (CSULB alum and super cool dude)'s computer and internet (whilst Joni and Mike flirt behind me cause they haven't seen each other in six weeks)!

Anyway, I digress (don't I always????)!

So, I have so much to tell you, my little blogger friends and even if it is just my Mom, Jean, Kelli @ work and I here (go Jean V.!!) it's so much fun to be back on blogger.

I have so much to tell you about every little detail of my townhouse and yes, I said townhouse! Mikey and I are super blessed by a cute little two story townhouse that is connected to many other townhouses.... it's also affordable, has a patio and a lime tree!!

There is so much to catch you up on.

But here is one little tidbit of goodness and then I must go (I'm actually at a party using his computer so I'm kind of being anti-social~ tee hee hee)!!

The wedding was a blast! I seriously enjoyed myself immensly. I prayed the night before that Mikey and I would be able to soak it all in and just treasure these things in our heart, like the bible says Mary does. And I feel like that prayer was truly answered. I got to soak in every little moment. Although I feel like I could have had more moments. I could have talked to everyone at the wedding/reception for a whole hour of one-on-one time. I could have sat down, had myself a cup of coffee (which I ordered and never saw... did anyone have coffee?) and talked to you, my beloved friends. Meaghan Hart, are you out there? Girlfriend, I could have talked to you way more!!


My favorite moments were right before walking down the aisle. I was so nervous all of the sudden and I thought, there is no one left but ME to walk down the aisle. All the planning and minute little details have all been decided on and now there is nothing to do but turn and walk down this aisle!!!

I enjoyed our ceremony. Mark Rood, are you out there? You are the best! We cho appreciate you! Cho kanshashite imashita! (i think)

I loved my flowers!! Loved loved loved my flowers! Rochelle Schupbach, are you out there? You did an awesome job and far exceeded my expectations! I love you. You gave me the best flowers I could have ever imagined.

My family was all there and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

And the best part besides the cute cupcakes, the yummy champagne, the beautiful bride's maids, the shimmery sparklers and every little thing I wanted coming true?

... I got the best man.... no wait, I didn't marry the best man.... I married the bestest man!!

ha ha ha if that even makes sense!!

I can't wait to share the adventures of me blundering my way through marriage life with you...

It was such a joy and I am loving married life. Anyway, thanks for listening to me ramble. Have a good weekend and I'll be back as soon as I can.

With love,
Mrs. Wang

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

is it weird?

I have had this intense craving for tomato soup for about a week now. Is that weird? I have no idea why. But tomato soup sounds soooo ah-mazing right now to me.

I have these little daydreams about tomato soup and what I would dip in it if I had some.
I've already eaten it twice this week but I can't get enough. Campbells is a standard favorite but lord have mercy, I ate tomato soup at Panera and died and went to heaven! It was like puree soup and it was AMAZING!!

Tomato soup... weird, right?

What are some weird things you've craved!

a few moments

quiet house,
at least for now.
In 24 hours it will be alive
with the squeals of a 4 year old
and a 18 month-er.

quiet house,
coffee cup steaming,
bible book waiting,
journal with pen poised over the pages,
words waiting to be read and taken

quiet house,
good coffee,
the new patio furniture calling me to come out.
the sun is shining,
the air is cool,

and everything seems to have paused for the moment.

capture this moment,
capture this thought,
capture this feeling,

before they are gone.

Life is about to get a little crazy here....
for awhile.

So before I start my never ending to-do list
I'm going to enjoy
the quiet house
and all that awaits me in this moment.