Sunday, September 13, 2009

little lime tree

Life has been moving on... we're at a navigator conference now and it is so exciting to be here and to be with good friends.

Mikey and I are blessed to have such a supportive and encouraging community around us.

The big things I daydream about these days are china hutches and gardening.... I love it. It's so much fun to have this blank canvas of a home and a husband who says, "Go for it. This is your kitchen/china hutch/duvet cover/decorating idea..." etc.

*sigh* I am happily married.

Does anyone out there know anything about lime trees? Mikey and I have one and we are hoping to nurish the little guy and bring forth fruit.

I would love to cultivate a garden full of lime trees and other trees that I can use to make delicious dishes. I keep thinking about the wonderful lavendar, rosemary and other herbs that my parents planted this summer.... oh, how I wish I could have a starter sprig of all of those. :)

Anyway, life is full and so is my heart... now, to study my new betty crocker cookbook and fill my husband's and my belly!


Abbie Kampman said...

let me know if nobody has any tips on the lime tree. i know someone who might know a thing or two (but they live in africa so i'd have to email them...). but would totally ask for ya!

Kelli B said...

Love you Mrs. Wang!!! Joanna Wang. Love it.

I dont know anything about lime trees. But I'd like to have herbs in my house. I'm working on researching that :)

I hope you continue to enjoy the honeymoon phase and REAL honeymoon coming up next week! I'm so thankful for Mikey in your life, and excited to keep in touch as life progresses. Love walking through new seasons "with" you.

Leslie said...

Woo-hoo for nourishing little buddy lime trees! :) Woo-hoo for Betty! :) Woo-hoo for encouraging family and friends! :) Woo-hoo for getting to come and see you two soon! Pacific Ocean here I come!

Joanna Kay said...

You ladies are the best.
Abbie, I had Panera's tomato soup again... you should go for it. I even ordered it while we were in the desert for a conference. 110 degree weather but guess what? Panera is air conditioned so I figured the soup wouldn't be too bad. It was still as delicious.

Love YOU Mrs. Burrier! Miss you Kelli!! I wanted to call you today but didn't have my phone. drat!!

See you oh, so soon, Mama!!!

TheFrazers said...

already a wonderful helper completer! Isn't is amazing?!