Wednesday, September 02, 2009

is it weird?

I have had this intense craving for tomato soup for about a week now. Is that weird? I have no idea why. But tomato soup sounds soooo ah-mazing right now to me.

I have these little daydreams about tomato soup and what I would dip in it if I had some.
I've already eaten it twice this week but I can't get enough. Campbells is a standard favorite but lord have mercy, I ate tomato soup at Panera and died and went to heaven! It was like puree soup and it was AMAZING!!

Tomato soup... weird, right?

What are some weird things you've craved!


Anonymous said...

You must need some vitamin C.-rocket

TheFrazers said...

Just wanted to say, CONGRATULATIONS! We are so excited that you have started your journey together as HUSBAND AND WIFE! Goodbye boyfriend and girlfriend...though you'll always be that to each other. Can't wait to see pics!