Wednesday, September 02, 2009

a few moments

quiet house,
at least for now.
In 24 hours it will be alive
with the squeals of a 4 year old
and a 18 month-er.

quiet house,
coffee cup steaming,
bible book waiting,
journal with pen poised over the pages,
words waiting to be read and taken

quiet house,
good coffee,
the new patio furniture calling me to come out.
the sun is shining,
the air is cool,

and everything seems to have paused for the moment.

capture this moment,
capture this thought,
capture this feeling,

before they are gone.

Life is about to get a little crazy here....
for awhile.

So before I start my never ending to-do list
I'm going to enjoy
the quiet house
and all that awaits me in this moment.

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