Sunday, August 30, 2009

summer or fall?

I love summer evenings. Even better than summer evenings though are fall evenings...
and this summer with all its coolness as been more like an early fall than a hot august.
And I am not complaining! This weather is awesome.
I love fall!!

This summer though, my parents and I have been busy getting the house fixed up for company. It seems my wedding was just the ticket for my parents to start putting together the patio backyard they've been dreaming and talking about for years now.

My brothers and Mikey added on a lower deck and a brick patio when they were here in July.
Then I started adding some plants and accessories to the patio!

Then today my Dad and I stained their new table and chairs and assembled the new grill. Summer close-outs are the best!! They got these for practically nothing!
My Mom found them while walking though a menards.

A chimenea that we love!!

Hello little chimenea!

Hello little grapes on the chimenea!

Dad gets the fire started...

and then asks me, do you think it's dry enough to sit down?

But we sat anyways... what a handsome dad!! Chimenea, coffee and an awesome patio set to sit on...

Uh, Dad? Is the fire chimenea supposed to be doing that?


I just love lazy summer/fall evenings!


Jordan and Schupbach said...


Jonah Schupbach said...

so are "jordan and schupbach" two different people??

Anonymous said...

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jamie said...

yes i love it! we just had smore party last night.. so fun!

Kelli B said...

I love the new patio look. It's great! And just in time for this awesome weather.

You look super cute, ps!

Jordan and Schupbach said...

Jonah and Schupbach is a jerk.