Friday, August 28, 2009

my ability to multi-task...

I'm starting to question my ability to multi-task...

I made this yummy french breakfast puffs (from PW) for the wedding weekend....

and had just finished cleaning up when I noticed this little guy.

Hello! What are you doing uncoated? Naked and alone... (that reminds me of Job).
So there Job sits, unbuttered and unsugared.
Too bad Job... someone will just have to eat you plain.
I was talking to my grandma on the phone and completely missed this last little guy, Job.
I'm starting to question my ability to multi-task... since this little mishap follows me putting in 6 teaspoons of salt in the mix instead of 3... hmmmm (that was when I was talking to Mikey).
If I lose my ability to multi-task I will be slow and useless in all my tasks...
or maybe, just maybe I'd actually be focused and able to finish a task before starting another.
Goodbye sweet multi-tasking. Wedding planning has fried my brain!!

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