Sunday, August 23, 2009

Amy's wedding... well, kind of

I had good intentions to take pictures with my camera. I asked my Mom to be in charge of the pictures and she was all set to do so... but I was so busy getting ready the morning of that I totally forgot my camera.
Luckily my Mom got some pictures of the rehearsal. So here I give you, Amy's wedding... kind of. :) Waiting for directions. Amy had her wedding in her parents backyard under a beautiful white tent that we hung coral, pink and orange paper lanterns from. It was such a beautiful wedding.

Amy's sisters-in-law and friend sang and played violin and guitar.

It was so beautiful. They did a great job!

Amy has a very sassy face in this picture. I love it.

Breath, sister, breath!

Amy and Ben

Practice makes perfect.

Prayer for the wedding and for their marriage. What a blessing to be a part of such a god-centered day (and to be with them for all the days to come).
Congratulations Taylors!!

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