Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wedding Bells...

I'm hopping in a car... well, as hopping as I can be at 8 AM. Hey, that's early!
Anyway, I digress....
I'm hopping/getting into a car tomorrow to drive to Nebraska. I wouldn't normally be so excited for Nebraska if I didn't dearly love one of its residents (well, several of its residents). But one in particular, Miss Amy Hatcher.
I'm getting in a car, driving nine hours and partying all weekend with my best friend because this is her wedding weekend... and yes, Joanna, you read that right.
Amy and I have been friends since 2003 when we went to Japan together.
Many nights we laid awake and talked about our hopes and dreams. We bonded fast over that summer. But if I try to take any of the credit for our friendship, I would be a liar.
Amy has pursued my friendship and been one of the most loyal gals in my life. She has truly been the best.
Letters and cards and Amy even came to see me for A WHOLE MONTH IN JAPAN!!
Seriously, this girl is quality.
She was also the person I called when I was sad in California. When I had bad nights or disappointing moments, I would look at the clock and say, "Who can I call at midnight in the midwest?" And I would call Amy...
How can she not be the best kind of friend? Look at my outfit, she would be seen with me in public wearing this outfit...
although, I severly miss that beloved purse.

I have to be honest, I really really like Ben, her soon to be husband. I do. I like him and I think he's the right kind of guy for Amy. SERIOUS!
But I will most likely cry when Amy walks down the aisle and marries him.
Not because of Ben but because I'm so happy for my friend.

I mean, who else can make this kind of face with me? Amy is the ying to my yang...
So happy for you Amy and Ben!
Please come visit California soon!!


Keith said...

I always love seeing that last photo. I may have limited memories with Amy but the one I have I really cheirish. I totally remember trying to line dance with Amy in Lincoln, and eating birthday cake with her under the sakura in Japan. She is a special girl indeed and feel blessed to have been able to meet her through you. Give her my best and have a great time in NE.

Anonymous said...

Joanna, this blog touched my heart, I'm so glad that God brought you and Am to each other! What a sweet gift from Him! You two are simply the two most amazing women I know , I love you :)

Anonymous said...

The previous blog is from me...Judy, the person who has no clue how to use the internet unless my husband or sons show me how :(