Monday, August 24, 2009

what your mug says about you....

Anyone who has talked to me for about 5 minutes or less knows that one of my passions in life is coffee... coffee brewing, coffee growing, coffeeshops, coffee grinding, coffee art (aka latte art), coffee coffee coffee.
It's a bit much, I'm sure, to the average person.
But I'm not to blame... ahem, my father who I love more than any other man (over the age of 26) once came to my apartment in college, saw my folgers in the fridge (hey, it was cheap!! and i was a poor college student!!) went out that very hour and bought me Java House coffee beans saying, "No daughter of mine is going to drink folgers."
Sorry folgers, the best part of waking up is having something other than your beans in my fridge I guess.
But it doesn't stop there. Ohhhh no! My family is all quite knowledgeable when it comes to coffee. They'll share their opinions about how to store it, how to keep it fresh, how to grind it and Lord have mercy! If you have a flat coffee filter as opposed to a cone shaped filter!
Oh, Schupbachs and Schupbach married sisters, how I love thee.
There are certain rules one must abide by... 1. we don't often do flavored unless our guests/company prefer it.
2. we don't use cream or sugar. no ma'am, uh huh!
and lastly, of the coffee rules I can remember at this moment, do not use a mug that doesn't say something personally about you at this moment.
So today, I stumbled into the kitchen... found a mug and thought, "What does this mug say about me?"

For instance, "Morning Stampede" with penguins fighting over a fresh cup of coffee. Morning stampede.... well, I'm not ashamed to admit there have been a few stampedes and angry bursts of, "Who finished the coffee without starting another pot?" when my family is all together. 14 people (well, 10 minus the children) all waking up with little to no sleep (because of said children) and wandering why a 12 cup pot of coffee didn't make it to the last person.

Probably because we don't use the small size coffee cups the pot was numbered to match. Oh, no! We Schupbachs drink big mugs full of pipin' hot coffee and we don't just drink one cup in the morning. It's only fair that the person who sleeps in the longest (how do they manage that, I'll never know) has to suffer and wait the longest getting their coffee!!
I love this mug above.

And this, was my mug of choice this morning!!
Enough said.
Some mornings, no coffee cup can quite say what you want it to say except this mug.
Somedays when I'm needing a few moments to gather my thoughts with a cup of coffee. When a family member walks in and says, "Who drank the last cup of coffee without filling the pot?" All I have to do is hold out this mug and I believe it sends the message, "Just give me a second before I can function."
ha ha ha
(you'll have to excuse the drip marks, I didn't clean the mug before taking a picture)

But of all the messages you could send with your coffee mug, I believe this mug sends out the loudest message.
Not only does it say, "I'm sophisticated and cool" because of the cool art on the sides... it also says....

Who ever is drinking me, needs it because I am a HUGE CUP!

oh, gargantuan cup! Oh I love thee!!

(oh, and yes, Mikey drinks coffee... black!)

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Kelli B said...

you guys were meant to be. You+coffee and you+mikey :)