Monday, August 03, 2009


Proverbs 27:17 says, "As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another" I just spent a wonderful weekend with the women who are my "iron sharpeners" in life. They may not even realize it because we did little deep talking but underneath the laughter and catching up, God was doing something in my heart. I feel like I am learning a lot right now as I reflect on the weekend.

Here's Kelli. I love this picture of her sitting on a ped mall bench waiting for the restaurant to call us. Kelli asked me a lot of good questions about my feelings towards the wedding and marriage. Kelli has been married for 4 years now and her relationship with Marcus always encourages me. (Kelli's one of my matrons of honor.)
Kell, I didn't get time to ask about YOU but I'm glad we have the next two weekends to kind of talk some more.

Kelli and Jennifer in Iowa City.

Jamie and my Mom at dinner. Jamie has been a huge source of knowledge and comfort for me the past 7 years or so. If I have a question about faith, being a wife, etc. I know I can ask her (and I have). She is someone who keeps me grounded in truth and reality when my faith wants to swerve crazy-like on my emotions. Jamie is also a lot of fun for me.

The weekend girls! Jamie, my Mom, Kelli, Mary, Jennifer and I

Ohhh goodie!
Jamie's laugh is one of my favorites!

Yummy coffee at the Java House!

Kelli enjoying a laid back Sunday morning.

Jo enjoying her Java


Mary found some students we thought were Japanese (turned out to be Koreans) but I love this picture of her initating. She gets excited about meeting Japanese students anywhere.

One thing I love about Mary is her boldness. She takes life by the "horns" and really doesn't back down from her thoughts, feelings or convictions. And yet, she's not scary intense. She's just intentional. I can learn a lot and have from Mary. She's the very best kind of friend. She's loyal, she's generous and she's wise.
My friendship with Mary is really special to me.

Mar Bear!

Jennifer is the "iron" in my life who will tell me "how it is" in a nice and gentle way. I can ask Jennifer anything and I know she'll honestly tell me what she thinks. In Japan, this girl was my "home away from home" because we had friends in common and places in common. We used to dream about the Java House and now look at us, we're actually there. :) Jennifer and Kyle are expecting their first little baby in September...

Come on, little buddy. Come out and play with Auntie Joanna!

Kelli and I have always had an intentional friendship so it's good when we can sit down and hash out what's been happening in our lives.
Kelli is coming to visit me again next weekend for wedding preparations and then I'm going to drive through Des Moines and see her new house the weekend after that.
How awesome!

Thank you Lord, for friends who keep me focused on You. Thank you for friends who have seen me through thick and thin and who not only love me through it but love You. Guard them in the places where they are today and keep them safe. Thank you, Lord for good friends.


jamie said...

ahhh i love it! thanks jo! loved being with you girls!
"he was hurt bad. real bad"
love you
ps- don't forget those rubber slippers!

Joanna Kay said...

"and do you know what he did?... he was hurt bad, real bad."

ohhh rubber slippers, how yummy! ha ha ha

Kelli B said...

I'm glad Jamie came too - i love laughter and she's got a great laugh!

Cant wait to see you next weekend. Looking forward to the drive and time spent with you & your fam.

Maren said...

Wow... sounds like a wonderful day! I'm glad you can catch up with so many great friends! :)