Saturday, September 19, 2009

Project Cultivate Creativity

I'm all about cultivating here at Cultivating blog.

From learning to garden and actually cultivating to cultivating a heart for the Lord, I've got my eyes open for opportunities to learn and be renewed in who I am and who I was created to be.

Well, the latest project is cultivating in me my sense of decorating and creating. How do you take empty space with furniture strewn about and blank walls and make it look like what you have in your heart and mind...

I'm learning one of the key ingredients in cultivating (are you sick of that word yet?) a home is patience.

Patience and also endurance. For example; it will take time to make my house more developed and filled. It takes time to figure out where to hang pictures and shelves. It takes time to find the perfect piece that compliments other pieces. Patience.

It also takes endurance. Don't ask me why but I have my heart set on finding a china cabinet that has a farmhouse look to it. And not just any old china cabinet but a yellow china cabinet. All the colors in my living/dining/kitchen area are a beautiful dark brown/wood combination. And I think the perfect bright color to capture the room is canary yellow!!

Imagine a sunflower if you will.

Anyway, I am just learning to have the patience...
the right piece will come along
and the endurance
the right piece I am dreaming of will come along.

I'm probably going to be doing a project... cultivating the painter side of me. So stay tuned. And P.S. probably going to be after the honeymoon which starts tomorrow. Woo hoo!!
P.P.S. Also had my parents here for 3-4 days and it's been wonderful. I'll post pictures of their adventures here in California (first time my Dad came here but my Mom came on a family vacation when she was young so Long Beach was new to her!!!) Pictures coming soon!!


Kelli B said...

I can totally relate. Just last night, Marcus and I were talking about all the boxes we've yet to unpack, and things we'd like to do with rooms in the house. We came to the conclusion that we're not in a hurry, our house is still home, and the money/time/ideas will come when they come. It gave us a lot of peace.

I love your idea about the cabinet! We're looking for bookshelves/desk that we can sand and re-paint. We've got some ideas but need that good, sturdy piece of old furniture at a flea market or garage sale :)

Love your cultivating spirit! And i look forward to seeing photos of your fam and your projects.

Anonymous said...

Funny how words about a canary-colored china hutch can relate to life…having patience…having endurance…waiting for the right piece in the dream. Thanks for blogging your thoughts. I might love your pictures more, but your words are gorgeous too. Hope you enjoyed the moon!


Anonymous said...

Nesting. I love it! Little Jo is nesting!!!!