Saturday, October 03, 2009


Friends, I am back. Back from wedding planning, back from wedding distractions, back from my honeymoon, back, back. back!
I'm so excited to update you on everything and was even concocting some funny stories to tell you while I went to this website
And proceeded to read my friend Jillian's story:
located here
It beats everything I could possibly tell you at this moment. go there, read the story and laugh as hard as I did....
I dare you.
Jamie K, I thought of you when I thought of that lady touching the nasty fur.
And Kelli, I of course thought of, "took it home and put some honey on it, and I ate it was that so bad to doo uh?"
But ENOUGH! Of me! Go there, read! Laugh. And learn a lesson or two!
Don't worry my precious pets, I'll be back to update you and bore you with Hawaii pictures soon enough.
And a "to die for recipe" from Jordan and Rochelle that Mikey and I tried for the first time tonight.
All that and more is coming up...
so stay tuned.


jamie said...! that is nuts and nasty. seriously my chest was tight reading it :)

Leslie said...

Welcome back to more honeymooning in CA! May it never end for our favorite newlyweds! XOXOX

Kelli B said...

Oh man!!! Nasty! I love it though. And I DEFINITELY thought of that song. Gross gross gross!

Love it.