Sunday, October 04, 2009

Schubby Dubby Do

My parents came to visit for the California reception. Since it was their first time to Long Beach, Mikey and I decided to show them the beautiful sites of So Cal.

Starting with the luggage service where we had to file a "lost bag" report.
Welcome to CALIFORNIA!

You can't come to California without eating at In N Out. Here Mikey clues Dad in to the "secret menu" items... seriously!

A mom and her daughter!


Heading to the beach!

Having cheese fondue for dinner (Mikey's first time)!

Dad really enjoyed our patio area in the backyard!!

And he enjoyed the beach!

Mikey's dad, Jack, shows my dad how to use chopsticks to pick up sushi!

flowers for the lovely ladies?

My dad's view from the front patio...

Reading at the Coffee Bean nearby.

I brought a little of the midwest to CA by making my Grandma Schupbach's stuffed green peppers. Yummy!

Lime tree

Angel Trumpet

Getting my sass on...

California reception...

Shrimp and walnuts

the appetizer plate...

And... a fish head... obviously!
Bye Mom and Dad, see you in California again soon!


Kelli B said...

Okay. So I've started making a list of things I want to know about, for next time we talk. How ridiculous am I? There is just so much that happened in sept. that I didn't get to hear about yesterday :)

PS - love that your parents made it to Cali!

Nicole Suzanne Farley said...

How fun, girl! And you look SO BEAUTIFUL in your wedding dress! How fun to have great time with parents too...they're adorable. :)

Abbie Kampman said...

That food looks YUM! I'm dying to go to Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. Can I just come have coffee with you sometime? Seriously.

Joanna Kay said...

Yes! Please come visit. I would love to take you to coffee bean (we have one just half a block away) and we could have a cooking weekend. Seriously. You should come. Bring Will and Curt. :)

Anonymous said...

It looks like a lovely reception! You haven't truly lived until you've had an In and Out burger...yum!!!! i love the pics of your parents on the beach.