Wednesday, October 07, 2009

my favorite room

Mikey has been so amazing helping me get things set up in our home. I was like, "I could totally put together these shelves but to be honest, I'm horrible at it."

Look at all those tools Mikey had to use... wait, what are those?

Oh yeah, my cute new slippers. How wonderful they are. I love them!

But I digress... here is my beloved
So I cooked a yummy dinner and he made me shelves and gave me the best gift.
A favorite room.

My dining room is my favorite room. Here is the view if you walk in the back door...

and here is the view if you walk in the front door.

Here is our beautiful kitchen/dining table that we got from Kristine for a super great price. Thanks Steeny, we love our table!

And this my precious readers, is my favorite piece of furniture EVER. I seriously wanted to weep when Mikey was assembling and building this for me. It's a china cabinet from my dreams. Seriously, it's the china cabinet I've been dreaming of since owning china...

but wait?! What is this? Is this a lock?

Ohmygosh!?! And is that a cute key? To unlock my cute key hole?
Yes. yes. it is!

And inside lies my Grandparent's china which they passed down to me.
It's the prettiest china I have ever seen (or owned for that matter)! It looks like a pattern I would have picked out for myself.

See how pretty?

If I could speak french, I would right now. Something about this china cabinet makes me want to speak french.

Or Japanese for that matter. I have english tea cups and japanese tea cups. What a beautiful pair these two darlings make!

I even have a gravy boat. If ever I wear to boat across a lake of gravy... I'd take this lovely boat across.
Ok, that was just bad, huh?
Well, this china makes me want to tell bad jokes because it's so lovely. I just don't care.

The little details

Top shelf

Top shelf. I guess you wouldn't really call it a shelf but my china cabinet and I don't mind, we can call it whatever we want.

It's just so cute. Every little detail including the backing just screams my name. It just looks so adorable and so me. I love it! I am in love with my china cabinet. I stayed up to 2AM getting all the dishes arranged and the glass windows washed out properly. *sigh* I love you, china cabinet.

Joni and I enjoy my favorite room.

Joni enjoys some banana bread.

How's the hot cocoa Joni? Oishi?


Kelli B said...

Okay, chunky bangs friend. You are OFFICIALLY the cutest friend I have :) I love the new do!!!!

I wish I could sit at your table and drink tea with you and Joni. That would be fantastic. Fantastic!!!

I love the china cabinet, I dont know why but even I teared up a little looking at the photos. I think it's possibly b/c I knew how bad you wanted it?

Also, I have a new Ikea dresser in my bedroom that we bought in May. It has the SAME SAME SAME yellow strip pattern on the inside of the drawers! I will think of you now every day i pull out my clothes.


I love you.

emily said...

Adorable. Everything is adorable. Including YOU! Miss you friend.

jer said...

i was confused for a second when you made a reference to "owning china". hahah. that's really cool you and mikey are building a home together. =)

Abbie Kampman said...

i LOVE that teapot! adorable! and your china cabinet is enviable...quite, i'm jealous of it's beauty. hey mikey--wanna come build me one?? or show curt how... :)

Anonymous said...

It's really fun to see your place! It's cool yet sophisticated : )