Monday, October 12, 2009

Be still my heart...

There I was...
minding my own business, surfing the internet when I came across Pioneer Woman's blog (oh how I love you sister!) and besides falling utterly in love with her moist pumpkin spice, drooling over her easy-how-to for pumpkin puree and desperately loving her for her sassy honesty...

I stumbled across her link to this wonderful website and life as I've known it as a baker has come to an end....

Apparently, the cake pan lady specializes in decorating and personalizing cake pans. Imagine me, walking into a party armed with a blue tin. Yet, it's not just any blue tin, though, upon a closer glance you notice this lovely little accessory...although it's not from the kitchen of "sylvia" it's from the kitchen of "Joanna Wang".
And although the brownies/apple bars/pumpkin bread inside would be warm and gooey delicious, you wouldn't be able to take your eyes off of this lovely tin.
And p.s. you couldn't continue to "forget returning" it either.
ha ha ha I love it.
I am so smitten.

... hmm... now how to convince my beloved that I need to buy everyone in my family (including myself) one of these for Christmas.
Click here for the cake pan lady's website
and here to see Pioneer Woman's story on how she got hers!

If you could get any of these tins, which color and design would you go for?


Kelli B said...

I'd get the owl or the cake pan lady. In blue or green. Probably blue.

I love these!!!

jamie said...

jo i totally have one! :)

it says "goodies from jamie kampman"