Monday, October 12, 2009

interesting discoveries and a bad dream...

Interesting discovery was made yesterday...
But before I get ahead of myself, here's what happened yesterday. Mikey and I had our dear friends Lee and Deb M. over for lunch and to scout out our patio. Lee is a farm boy from southern Illinois (and a cardinals fan~ boooo!!) so he was able to look at our trees and assess our soil and the layout of the land. (I am using land very loosely here.)
Deb is his beautiful wife from northern Illinois (Kankakee, Keykokan, Who can? We can! Kankakee can!!) and is a cubs fan (hooray!). Deb is the artistic eye and designer of the two. So after Lee assessed and let us know what we have, Deb was able to decorate and help us a little bit in the back!
Good news, then interesting news, then bad news...
Good news is~ we have two citrus trees and a grapevine!! How exciting! We're going to have fruit.
Also, interesting news~ we think our little limey is actually a little lemon! Ha ha! It's like finding out your goldfish are actually male and female when they start having babies instead of two females like you thought.
And bad news, with fruit trees, Deb told me, there is an almost certainty that we will get rats. But she reassured me, "food rats"... um, how is that better? They're both rats. And I guarantee that I don't know the difference.
Apparently the little suckers like to eat the grapes and fruit when it's rotting.
Dang gina! That was just sad news...

so sad in fact I had a dream that I was hosting a party outside when all of a sudden a girl shouted, "OHMYGOSH!!"
And I knew in my heart what was rustling in the leaves behind her until she shouted,
"There is an armadillo behind me!"
Don't ask me where that dream came from (actually I know) but what a weird night.
Pray for me, I really don't know what I'll do if I sit outside on my beautiful patio and have a rat munching on little lemony next to me. :(

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emily said...

oh girl. coming from experience...rats are NOT fun. Not at all. In fact...those guys are a big NAST. BUT...they make for good blog stories. :) haha!