Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Summer Birthdays

I have had a couple birthdays that didn't get their "proper" props. So let me just take a second and say,
Thanks for being the steady one in our family. Thanks for pushing us to improve our minds and hearts for the Gospel. Thank you for sharing your life and love with me.
I totally respect and honor you, Jonah.

Jonah shares his birthday with my Grandpa Schupbach... who is closing in on 90. He won't be stopped. In fact this picture is titled, "Still swingin'" I have very genki (or lively) Grandparents. They are the life-givers and heroes of our family. I have so many good memories of my Grandpa. He will forever be "in the garage, working on a project" in my mind, coming in after a long day, smelling like sawdust and sweat. Sweet memories of his laughter, his love for God and his love for his wife and family.

Finally, today, my sweet sister-in-law Rochelle had her birthday. Rochelle is about 8 1/2 months pregnant (she's EVEN bigger than this picture, i saw her!!!) and about to give birth to my niece. Jordan and Rochelle's first.

One of my earliest memories of Rochelle was watching her play a gig in a coffeeshop. She has such a beautiful sultry voice that I love listening to. She not only has a soothing tone but a soothing heart. She can smooth over any situation. Go here to listen to Rochelle sing.

Rochelle, I love and miss you! Happy Birthday to my sister! (inlaw)

And finally, my cousin Josiah had a birthday. Sorry no pictures.

But Josiah has always been my little sidekick all through life. From the days I used to give him a "horsey ride" to the days of cruising Bloomington/Normal. I love you Josiah like a brother and really look forward to seeing you again. Happy Birthday!


A concert for the Schupbach music lovers... but since that is chotto muzikashi (a little difficult) i'll do the next best thing... post a good video.

I was introduced to Andy McKee via an ipod and was instantly hooked. I hope you enjoy his music. I love you all. Happy Birthday family!


the jake said...

Ah, summer birthdays. Forget anybody?

BTW I leave for Mexico in 8 hours. Boo gastrointestinal disorders.
Hooray beer!

Keith said...

Thanks so much for the post Jo. Man Cho Natsukashii! I remeber hearing Rochelle sing at your goodbye party and I was excited to hear here sing again. She sounds amazing in my memories of that night and is even ten times better now that I hear her again. Put me at the top of the list for CD's when she decides to release her first CD!