Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Before bed...

So I baked biscotti tonight... and i ate some which was SO delicious but now I want to go to bed but my tummy feels like I ate a seven course meal... so I am blogging while I am moving away from the "full feeling" while I am listening to Paul McCartney's new cd, "Memory Almost Full". Multi-task much?
My review? I like it. I think Paul is a talented musician. I am hooked on his hit, "Dance Tonight" which is also a commercial for Itunes. Anyway, it's great, interesting and thought-provoking. Dance Tonight is a fun, dancy tune with Paul on the mandolin. He included a little bio on the song and it was interesting to learn that he learned mandolin for this song. It started off as just "goofing around" and then next thing, he knew he had a hit on his hands. He said it was fun to learn because he felt like he was a teenager again, learning something new. :)
Anyway, I thought I would update you a bit on the latest happenings around Tokyo BEST.
Here are the new setters. They are CHO OMOSHIROI! Super interesting. I enjoy them very much already. This is going to be a great summer...
Mikey, Curt, Lisa, Ariel (in pink) Chris's head, Ken, and Meaghan...
We found a sign that conveys our deepest desires to "level up: unity!"
My dear friend Mary Elizabeth and Meaghan
So we played the "animal game" and Chris's animal was rafiki from Lion King. His "sign" for the game was the start of the Lion King theme song. I just saw Lion King onstage here in Tokyo. It was CHO OMOSHIRO (remember what that means?) and I loved every minute. I think I am definitely a live theatre vs. movie type of person. ANYWAY, Chris "one-upped" me and said he saw the Lion King on Broadway... along with Rent, Phantom of the Opera, and my beloved Wicked. Can you believe it? He saw Idina Menzel on Broadway... that's like the ultimate for live theatre... if you ask me. But I'm Wicked biased so don't ask me.
You should ask my cousin Leah, she would know all the jazz about this. :) Right Leah?
ANYWAY!!!! All this said, that started a huge conversation about Wicked and how it is in Tokyo and I think we will go. Probably for sure Mikey (who sang Les Mis to me~ great fun!) Chris, Mary and I... wooo I am excited!

Hey Ryan? Can I keep Ariel? Everyone says we look CHO alike. Do you think we could be twins? (P.S. in case you can't tell us apart, I have more ice cream on my lips. ha ha)
I took Meaghan and Ariel shopping in Shibuya... yeah, um, this is stylish, huh?
We are having lots of fun. There will be a lot of pictures to come as we move out of the slow orientation week and into activities galore. :) This weekend is shrines and sightseeing at Nikko along with camping in Utsunomiya. Hooray for being in the great outdoors.
Nature? Ready or not... here I come.


Jeremiah said...

oh wow!!! hahaha!! you and ariel DO look so much a like! I never realized the resemblance. ;-)

Kelli B said...

you do look alike.


i just remembered that scene outside of the Grille at SMR when you said that.

oh man. i miss you something fierce.

Jomama XOXOX said...

Oh girls are stylin'! Love the new look! And the ice cream faces? Makes me want to check out my freezer tonight! :) How's the cheerleading going, Mary? Love you, ladies!