Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Link Much? This entry is all about the links!

There is a lot of exciting stuff going on here in Gurasu Toppu 303.

1. We got a roommate. After a year and a half of praying and waiting... God gave us AYANO! More pictures to come... she was in America for a year so it's been awhile since we have taken any photos with her.

2. Have you read "TIL WE HAVE FACES" by C.S. Lewis? It was Lewis's last novel and "many believe (as he did) that it is his most mature and masterful work of fiction, but it was never a popular success" (wikipedia). It's absolutely fabulous. I read it in a day or two because I just couldn't put it down and although I finished it a week ago I am still reflecting on the truths I pulled from it. It's about posessive love. It's really REALLY good and a quick read. You should add it to your summer list.

3. This summer I have a couple of "health" goals... one of them is not watching t.v. by myself, instead, I want to read more. If you are interested in philosophy but like me, just don't know where to start. I suggest the book, "Sophie's World" by Jostein Gaarder. It gives a general overview of the history of philosophy and it has wet my appetite to read more on philosophers from Socrates to Kant, etc. It's fictional so I don't even feel like I am learning... ha ha!

4. Also, if you read the quotes from a couple entries ago this is a repeat, but Mark Rood said to us last Sunday, "Everything you have will one day come to an end; it is going away. Every single thing is going. If you can acknowledge that we only have this for a season, then you can truly enjoy it."

Wow! Talk about hitting me in my very gut. I can't stop thinking about this. As I've been reflecting this I had a friend ask me, "Are you in Japan? Do you still love Japan?" and it made me think about how I've been so focused on Japan and so protective of Japan... like fearing the end of my term because if I'm not in Japan I may not know what to do. I think I've spent a lot of time focused on Japan and calling Japan "mine" that I am not allowing God to work on me and work on me being "His". Did you follow that?

It's like when Jesus said, "For whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for me will save it." (Luke 9:24) and how Jim Elliot coined the phrase in his own words, "He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose."

And this whole time I've thought that coming to Japan was giving up my life but little by little I can see how I replace one "life" with another.

I feel that God is saying to me, "Hold this loosely. Hold your time in Japan with an open hand. Don't have any passion besides me."

My time in Japan will come to an end, my 20's will come to an end, my beauty will fade physically, and my friendships will change and some will "end"... but if I can realize all that now, realize that seasons changing is a part of life, then and only then can I truly enjoy my life now. If I struggle to keep my time in Japan, my 20's, my beauty, and my friendships... I will find only myself the loser.

I wish I could portray this in a better way... i feel like I am just verbally processing without making much sense...hmm.

5. Thanks to Christine I'm learning so much about Biblical Feminity. I feel serious about providing a "safe place" for my brothers and sisters in Christ. I asked myself the other day, "Am I providing a place for people to be at peace? Or do I give them more to distract their minds and hearts?" So I am on a quest to learn about biblical man and womanhood. Anyway, Christine introduced me awhile ago to Girl Talk blog which is a blog by Carolyn Mahaney and her three daughters. Their article on modest dressing is intense but SO helpful. JK gave it to me four or so years ago and I've used it ever since. It's amazing.

BUT!!! The fun thing about this site is that they are committed to helping women not only learn about dressing modestly but setting them up with useful websites and clothing stores to dress more modestly.

6. Christa Taylor is my new favorite. I think it's going to be hard to get away from this website. :) I went crazy this morning looking at all the fun stuff (and so cheap) but I'll have to make a final decision. Just because it is "acceptable" clothing does not mean I should splurge... too much. :) Tee hee!!

7. Also, go here for the article on modest dressing from girl talk... they have a little disclaimer and more links for clothing. (CT was just my favorite)

8. Summer is here in Japan (rainy season has officially begun!) and it is hot. So I made a list of chill and fun music to cool down to during this summer. I hope you enjoy some of my music. Let me know if you have any questions about the artists. (it's on my sidebar, titled "Lazy Summer Day Soundtrack")

9. I think I need some intervention I've been spending time on wikipedia and I think i am addicted to learning, is that bad? basically i've replaced my addiction with a "good" one. ha ha Anyway, I thought this was cute, "A common belief is that when stressed, an octopus may begin to eat its own arms." awwww.... (and yes, I looked up octopi... I was curious after watching FINDING NEMO... anyway, that's not the point!)

10. Two more quotes before I depart, Chinese philosopher Tao Te Ching said, "knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom" and Aristotle, "Personal beauty is a greater recommendation than any letter of reference."

Sidenote: I really want to encourage you all through my blogging. I am going through 5 Aspects with my friends (staff) here and realizing more how I am created from a person (Eve from Adam) and created for people (relationally I am spurred on more so than alone time). It gets me so excited to think that I can live my life more purposefully FOR people. So that is my prayer. If I can learn anything to spur you all on so that we can walk this road together, let me know. I like my fun bloggings but I hope that I can take the focus off of me and direct you to the Source from which my joy comes from.

Just random prayer/thought.
Any comments... ideas...


Ed said...

Your beauty will never fade.

When you are ninety-seven, you will remember that I said that.

You will come visit me - I'll be a hundred and twenty-nine, still living in this same house with Mom - and you can say "remember when you said I'd be ninety-seven?", and I will look at your sweet, ninety-seven year old face and tell you "remember when I said you'd never stop being beautiful?"

Ojen said...

1.ok i clicked on the "comments" box and read your dads comment and completely forgot what I was gonna say because it was so beautiful. Mr. Schupbach, you rock. =)

2. and so do you Jo! i am missing you, Mary, the Roods, our Japanese friends... SO much right now. I have to admit I am really jealous of this years SIJers, im so selfish huh. My heart longs to be next to you (literally) though but i do LOVE reading your blog. it makes me feel a little closer =)

3. it must be hard thinking about the end of such a big part of your life. Those are such wise words though, about making God your only passion.

4. Ive read till we have faces! crazy =)

5. great music list. mind if i share it this summer? hehe

6. babies!!!! how fun. I will say it for you. come babies come!!