Sunday, June 24, 2007

Sometimes I Dream of Your Silly Face...

I'm far too tired to write anything deep tonight because I need to go to bed.
I had this conversation with Mikey and Lawerence about foreign languages... random but we talked about how I took ASL and how taking it for two years in high school led me to take more in college....
and that got me thinking. Whatever happened to the dream of becoming an interpretor for the Deaf. Granted, I would have needed MUCH MORE training, teaching, and practice... but I remember dreaming about a job using my ASL.

It occured to me that a lot of my dreams, hopes, and wishes have molded and changed themselves to fit the Joanna of now.

Here's the breakdown...
I have dreams.
I'm afraid to "tell" God those dreams because what if He tells me to do something else. (ugh, did I just admit to that... sin is ugh-lee!)
I call it the Shunnamite woman syndrome. Click here to recap.
But then when I pour out my heart... God always shows me His faithfulness. I remember crying nights on end about my desire to return to Japan... and now here I am. I walk around, in awe of how God has given me something I used to weep over. And I have other stories like my heart for Japan... other dreams God has changed away from me and towards Himself.
And even when my dreams change God does it in such a way that I fall "in love" with whatever He places before me.
More of You, Lord. May my dreams not be set on earthly things but on more of You.

On a totally different note: Mikey "stole" my camera today and captured some of our... cute (?) SETTERS.
I am enjoying them CHO much.
When I saw these "funny faces" I was laughing so hard... I hope my new friends brighten your day as well. And for those of you that know them already... iiiiiii na! You are so lucky to get more than 7 weeks with such wonderful people. They are definitely keeping me on my toes. :)



Cute Meaghan!
Lisa, Meaghan, and Ariel...
The SETTERS are already having a blast with my Japanese friends... see how they've influenced them?

(no worries SETTERS '06, I have kept you and our treasured memories in the happiest place in my heart. My love to you all.)

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Kelli B said...

those are totally hilar! i love those photos. made for a good photo theme.

ps - i think that you and i should learn sign language together. i can finger spell really well, i cant read finger spell as quick but i'm getting it. my sister jess is MAJORING in ASL - maybe she could teach us some tricks :)

i think that would be a certain skill that would be plenty useful and really great to learn.

cant wait for our phone date!!! did i mention i'm still at work? pumped out 11 hours so far today. sick me out...i gotta get a new life.