Thursday, June 07, 2007

Joni's Gone Digital

Oh, oh! Jeremiah, you got some serious competition. :)
Oh to be a fly on the wall... but Joni going digital is the next best thing.
I found these pictures on her website and absolutely just had to share them... some of my favorite people, in their homes...

some of my new favorite pictures. Thanks Joni, for blessing me with a "sneak peek" into your life back in America. I love seeing these photos and seeing you all together.

Chilaxing in Cali... Yasushi and Cole... gosh, this makes me miss you all. :)

*In all my prayers, I thank my God for all of you...* Philippians 1:3
Blessed by you friends.

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Ojen said...

JOANNA! how fun that you put these up. can you believe its almost been a whole year since we first met??? Cragee!! (as Joni would say)