Sunday, February 28, 2010

Lucky You

Lucky you... I skipped a day photo-blogging Waveland's week here in California and so I am making up for it with this last post (sad) and videos GALORE after this post. Enjoy getting a glimpse into the life of this beautiful little girl and her wonderful parents! Waveland was determined to eat chocolate ice cream with gummy worms.
ohhh yum!

a little chocolate mustache never hurt anyone, right?
getting some much needed auntie time

chocolate chip cookies (mom, see w's apron?)

ready to put them in the oven

teaching Waveland to use my camera before she took this next beauty....

oh yikes!! we're a little close!

and a picture of daddy!

on our way down to San Diego! Sad day to say goodbye to my lovely niece and family!


Abbie said...

that child is adorable. absolutely adorable. and has anyone ever told you that mikey looks like francis chan? they bear a striking resemblence. francis chan is my new favorite--his books/sermons are insane (in the best of ways!). muah.

jamie said...

THE VEST! oh how i'm so glad i passed you to joanna sweet vest! :)