Tuesday, February 23, 2010

when in rom..er, long beach...

While we have family in California, we want to make sure they are getting the full Californian experience. That includes the beach, In N Out, Yogurtland, the Queen Mary, Yogurtland, Long Beach's Japanese garden, possibly Rainbows, farmer's markets in February (what? what?!), Finding Nemo (thanks Jordan for telling Waveland that by coming to our house she would be "finding" nemo... she was super confused why Nemo was not at our house when she got there...), and of course divulging in a little frisbee action.
Mikey took his niece out for a little warm-up before the game got kicking!

Okay, the game never got kicking but it was still fun to take these blurry pictures while trying to capture the moment.

Here Waveland, hold it like this.

Duuuude, look at that form!

Yet, Waveland wasn't the only one to learn something new...
Mikey also got to participate in "sunday school" which is apparently a game where you get a name tag and a check-list including important information with whether or not you were potty trained.

Lucky for Mikey he was "deemed" potty trained... he was however, given quite a few requirements.
Finicky kid?!
Let's hope it's not in the genes!!

Stay tuned for more fun pictures as we continue to introduce Waveland to California culture!


Josh said...

that last picture of mikey is hilarious!

But they're all great :)

Christy Randl said...

aww! I love this!

Ed said...

Awesome pictures, and thank you so much for letting us see them.

Keep us posted.