Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Waveland's Undecided About Shoreline's Rides

Mikey and I took Miss Waveland and Rochelle down to Shoreline Village to see the shops. Waveland was very excited to ride on the yellow horse she named "Star".

Put the quarters in, Mikey!

Waveland was not prepared for how "fast" the horse moved and was completely scared to death of Star...

and was not pleased that we made her continue her ride

but it's a good thing we did because she ended up loving her ride

and loving Star.
Here you go, Star!

Waveland also enjoyed riding in a submarine with Uncle Mikey!

Hold on tight, Mikey!

And last but not least, Waveland took Mikey shopping in her little red car.

Boy! Did we have fun riding the rides at Shoreline Village!


spartacus21 said...

i love the "star is too fast" face! ahaha..missed you today!

Kelli B said...

My fave is the photo of her "feeding" Star. What a cutie!

PS - i think Mikey is going to be a great daddy. Someday :)

Ed said...

Waveland! That looks like so much fun! Did Uncle Mikey ride Star too, or was Star too fast?

Ed said...

Those pics of her crying and scared are too hard for me to see. I either cannot look, or I want to sell the horse to MacDonalds. I think that's about their quality of burger meat.