Tuesday, March 02, 2010

February 2010

The end of February came with some tears, to be honest. Mikey and I had been hosting our niece Waveland, my brother Jordan and sister-in-law Rochelle... and not to forget, Baby Brother who has yet to be named and make his arrival. As we dropped them off and said our goodbyes I couldn't help but feel the distance between my family even greater at that moment than usual. Sometimes being far from my family just plain stinks! But it is also a reminder for me to be conscious and deeply connecting in small ways to my family even though we're long distance I shouldn't let that long distance keep us apart.

So for example, I sent lemons to my parents and grandparents so that they could also enjoy the fruits of my lemon tree.

It's been so much fun to have my lemon tree because it pushes me to explore and try new recipes that include lemons. I've never been a "tart" for dessert kind of girl. I'm more of the "chocolate ice cream with chocolate chips and possibly a chocolate chip cookie" kind of dessert eater. Just being real here people! But I've found some amazing lemon recipes that I've been gaga for! It's been too much fun. I told Mikey that no matter where we move to, we'll always have to have a fruit tree of some sort. I'm loving my lemon tree.

Some of those recipes include; lemon glazed bread which you can find here and a very yummy recipe for Lemon and Thyme muffins which you can find here. Seriously, people! My husband went gaga for the lemon cakes! Try them! You won't be sorry!

I made Julia Child's "beouf bourguignon" for a dinner party and should have doubled the recipe. It was so good. I was so glad I went for it. Her cookbook scares the heck out of me but I'm slowly working my way through reading it and perhaps after awhile I'll cook from it.

February Mikey and I celebrated Valentine's Day and Chinese New Year together. We had dim sum with his mother and then he made me temaki sushi (handmade) for dinner. It was SO much fun. I continue to learn so much from our marriage. He keeps my feet on the ground and I remind him to dream. I keep him laughing and he surprises me with his quick wit and sense of humor. I love learning new things every day about my husband and learning how to love my husband well.

In February, I read two books: The Wounded Healer by Henri Nouwen and my collection of Dorothy Sayer's short stories. The Wounded Healer was a much needed read for me. It took me a long time to get through but I am so thankful I endured and finished it. I love love loved it! Nouwen makes his point that as humans we try to avoid any pain, suffering or loneliness but he says, it's those things that make us relateable to others and able to minister to them through our woundedness. If you've ever been wounded by life, people or circumstances and confused as to how God could ever use it in your life, I would highly recommend this book. In fact, just read it no matter if you think you need it or not. It's small! I finished Coleman's Master Plan of Evangelism and passed it on. And I feel like I read another book but I can't quite think of it at this time. Hmmm...

In February, I bought yarn to finish my crochet project and think I could possibly finish my first project by the end of March! I'm also contemplating another painting project....

I'm working my way into a healthier lifestyle. February was a wave of highs and lows... somedays I'd be really good about things and then I'd forget to eat lunch, have a ravenous stomach and eat all the cookies in the house... okay, not really but I would do similar things. I triumphed over disappointments and finished a running training schedule I was doing. Now I'm on to my next training schedule for a 5K. It's been good to have a goal!

I'm currently reading through the bible in a year chronologically and read through Exodus, Leviticus and part of Numbers. I had some moments of "Lord, what should I be learning here" but also some moments of "wow, You did all this, Lord?". It has been good for me to review and remember what God has faithfully done for His people and is doing today.

So, I'm ready for March to be here. February was a blast and I loved having my family here. If you haven't scrolled down to see their posts/pictures, please do so! I think you will love seeing their visit and all the fun things we got to do. I was completely challenged to work-out after we toured the Queen Mary and my quads hurt for two days afterwards. The Queen Mary was so special as we stood on the same deck where legends like Clark Gable, Bob Hope, Bing Crosy, and more stood. It kind of reminds you how quick life is and how life (in general) is so much bigger than we realize.

There is a lot to be thankful for and look forward to in March, of course, life with my husband, cooking victories and disasters and lessons from the Lord.


Ed said...

I will know that you've gotten over your fear of Julia's cookbook when you make her Tripe. Do you know what tripe is? Mikey can not brag about eating "ANYTHING" until he's had her tripe.

You should see her make it! A cow's stomach is as big as a water bed bladder, and watching her trying to handle it is just about as entertaining as anything I've seen. Just to hear her say - no, declare the word "Guts!" makes you grin ear to ear. The lady is a gem.

jamie said...

hey jo- i totally want to read that book! did i tell you about A Grace Disguised oh man- killer book! hard but good!