Wednesday, March 24, 2010

poor leetle blog

My poor leetle blog has been lonely. And truth be told, I don't have time (or anything that would interest you) to give to my leetle blog right now. So I am telling you about all ze leetle things in life that make me happy. One ov them s speakin in a poor french accent.
Yes, speaking in a french accent makes me happy. So does this man. I married the best man EVER! He is amazing and handsome and funny and sooooo witty. He definitely keeps me on my toes and gives me tons of grace to be my quirky self. (see french accent note)

Fresh baked bread makes me so happy! I love everything about it. I love baking it. I love forming it. I love the way it smells. I love when it is warm and I can put butter on it and it melts and it's amazing and I love it and it's the best. ever.
Unfortunately my husband is in love with Orowheat... so I have to keep testing recipes until I can find a bread that will actually make him say "aha! This is better!" and then I will say.
"I know." But it'll be in a french accent so it'll make me doubly happy.

Tomato soup makes me happier than leetle poppies do... and by poppies I mean puppies. Is my french accent (which I turn on and off at random) confusing you?
Anyway, I love LOVE LOVE tomato soup.
Again, Mikey is left wanting with this soup. He needs meat, vegetables and more importantly noodles in his soups.
Maybe tomato alphabet soup would work? Or spaghettos? ha ha ha I'm being gross now. I'll stop!

Crocheting also warms my heart.

Being related to this handsome man is also something that makes me beyond happy. I love that God has blessed me with good roots. I love that when I make something as simple as potato salad, I think "I bet my grandpa would have wanted a bowlful of this." And I love that I make Mikey try my salad out like my Grandma made Grandpa. I love that there is more to me than what you see... I am a product of my family!

I love fall. I love pumpkins. I love Pioneer Woman. I love life.

I love that to this leetle girl, riding a horse like this is normal. Again, I love that she is my blood, my family... but seriously, how can you look at this and not laugh for three straight minutes. This picture makes me SO SO happy! I want to squeeze her, get a horse and ride alongside this littl... oh wait, i mean leetle daredevil!
I love that these two are my parents. I love that no matter how long the time or far the distance, we will still pick up right where we left off.
I love my family.
I love you, my beautiful friends! I am so blessed by the Lord in my life.


Ed said...

Zee leetle poopies in de tumahtoe zupee is bon appetootees!

Abbie said...

LOVE this! You make me laugh out loud every time :) So...regarding your post on making a Japanese recipe- SO SO funny! I actually have a recipe for Gyoza stashed away in my file for ATW: Japan! Haha. But yes, bring on the recipes- if you have any, I would LOVE to try them! Jen and Kyle have made me a few awesome dishes. I would love to learn!

Here's my email:

I also LOVE that you LOVE fresh bread. Me too. Quite obviously :) You are a woman after my own heart! Hugs!