Thursday, April 01, 2010

March 2010

I can't believe I am recapping on March.

I'm not ready for this year to be fleeing me so quickly. I need slow and gradual changes people! Help me! Alas, Father Time never seems to listen to me.

March was a long month for me. In some ways it's nice to be over with it but in other ways I feel like I never got to sit down with March and enjoy her... him?

We entertained three separate but all equally amazing guests. Masashi our dear friend from Japan came and we enjoyed trips to various cities, Californian cuisine and catching up with him before he starts his job in Japan. Masashi was followed by my cousin Josiah. It was so great to have Josiah here and we got to relax and hang out together. Josiah will always be my "baby cousin" even though he surpasses me in height and weight. I still think of him as the toddler I used to give (unsucessfully) horseyback rides to. I love you Josiah. After Josiah, Miss Saaya another friend from Japan came to visit. It's so much fun to see how "natural" it is to see our old friends. Saaya and I went shopping, had a bonfire on the beach, baked cookies, and caught up about life and where we are compared to where we were when we were roommates. It was fun to get time with her.

After our guests left, Mikey and I celebrated our 6th month anniversary (belated) by taking a bike ride down to the beach. We biked along the beach and down to the aquarium, the Queen Mary and Shoreline Village. It was such a fun way to celebrate our marriage. We're trying to be a more active couple. This was followed by a 6 day camping trip with our students in Big Sur for Spring Break. Whew, I feel tired just telling you about all our adventures.

Unfortunately, two of my favorite outlets suffered this month... but I guess you can sacrifice a little for busyness. I didn't finish any books although I am still trying to work my way through a book I've been reading since January. I also started another book on spring break and hope to have both of these finished by then end of April. Goals!

I am still working on my crocheting. This has been a serious setback. I need to finish these projects before I can pick up any other projects and/or start something new. I've been seriously contemplating picking up sewing but just can't take the plunge because I do not have a machine nor do I have room for my machine. The more I think about sewing though the more I am positive that I want to take serious steps towards a simpler life.

I didn't try any new successful recipes. To be honest, I don't remember cooking much this month. Sad, I know, but true. I made a "summer dinner" for some friends which included delicious turkey burgers, Grandma Schupbach's potato salad and Grandma Icenogle's strawberry pie. I made the pie 2 or 3 times because strawberries were a super cheap deal at our local grocery store. I also made bread bowl soup but I think the recipe needs "tweeking"... I'm not sure I liked it very much. But oh well, you win some, you lose some. I got a super yummy recipe for semi-healthy oatmeal raisin cookies (made those and they were good), I also received some much needed health advise (more on that to come) and baking bread using flaxseed (more on that as well).

Basically, March was a good entertaining month but I am not sure I accomplished much individually. Like I said, I am willing to sacrifice for the sake of others. :)

This brings me to my thoughts for April, I guess you could call some of them goals...
Mikey and I have a major decision to make in the next four days or so. Our decision is for the future years and where we see God leading us. We've been invited back to Japan for a long term assignment or to stay with our team and lead here at Long Beach. We see good and bad for both. I, to be honest, have been on a rollercoaster of emotions since we've been praying about it and although Mikey hadn't sat down til recent to wade through the options~ it has been on the backburner of my mind since early winter this year. I have been praying and wading through all the emotions both of these options entail. Please pray for us. We'll be, Lord willing, making a decision Monday.

Also, recently I realized that I make jokes at other's expenses. This become clear to me as I was reading through my 2nd book and the author talked about how Ephesians 4:29 is about encouraging other people. He said that if our words aren't edifiying and encouraging others around us, there is no need to speak them. I had always read Ephesians 4:29 as not swearing or telling bad jokes, etc. I was deeply convicted and challenged by this new thought. Mikey and I are going to try something for the month of April where I will be more conscious of my words.

Finally and this is kind of a touchy subject for me but I would like some insight/accountability, I am not happy with my health lifestyle. I was reading my friend Abbie's blog today and was so convicted by the amount of exercise she gets just by being active. Do I need to forgo the car and bike more? Do I need to see the whole day as an opportunity to exercise and not just set aside 30 minutes? How can I curb my cravings? I fight discouragement on this because I've gained some weight since getting married, which is not the problem, I would just prefer not to continue gaining weight every year of marriage.

Anyway, I would love some prayer and advice if you have any. As far as lighter goals go, I'm going to try and finish my crocheting projects, buy tickets to see my family in May/June, pick up a sewing project that would be possible to take to Japan (for our summer trip, did I tell you about that?) and finish my two books. Also, obtain a new chinese/asian recipe that would satisfy my husband.

Whew, I have a lot in April. But I have a feeling God is going to do so much this month, I'm excited to get started with April....

off to do some laundry, grocery shopping, and cleaning! Mwah! Love you all!


kyle and jennifer said...

i feel like i just had a conversation with you after reading this post - thanks for sharing your life so openly :) i love you friend - and i really want to talk soon - phone date perhaps??? i have so much to say - especially about the healthy lifestyle stuff - definitely a touchy subject for me too, and that i need some growth in these days!

thanks for the window into your world!

Josh said...

Joanna! the spring break trip was awesome-i don't know that i'll ever be able to watch white christmas again without thinking of this past week haha (which is NOT a terrible thing, Mr. bones!)

I'm praying for you and Mikey. I know that wherever you guys end up you'll continue to be as awesome a blessing as you've been to us at Long Beach! And i'll still look forward to reading your blog no matter where you end up :)

Ed said...

Praying that God will make it clear.