Thursday, April 29, 2010

amish laundry

(photo credit: Edwin Schupbach)

We added another member to our family. Our furniture family, that is.  One of our really good friends built me a workspace and chair for my sewing nook.  It's so fabulous and yes, I promise pictures to come.  I am still deciding about which color to paint it and how to arrange it in my area.  It's so exciting to have this little space to myself.  I'm also organizing this space in the downstairs living area so that I can sew whilst I cook or do laundry.  My area is definitely the downstairs domain.  I spend 99% of my home life downstairs and about 75% of my day here.
I'm still on the quest for living more simply.  I am hoping this sewing nook will encourage me to spend more time sewing and in turn, be able to produce and fix things more cost effectively.  I also hope it will encourage the creative side of me that is somewhat dormant.
I see living simply as a way to downsize and keep what is most important in our lives.  I want to be more flexible with my living and be able to pack up and move out whenever need be.  I want to keep a house where my husband can relax and children can grow (Lord willing).  To do away with the things that are just time-consuming and cluttering my home (and brain) and keep the things that are more peaceful and pure.  The goal of me simplify my home and life is so that I can focus on the things that are more important.  Like my husband, my ministry and my friends.
Wouldn't you agree that there is just something about working with your hands to create and sustain that is enriching for our souls?  I come alive when I can take my frustration out on a lump of dough or smell the sweet scent of baking wafting through my home.  It's fun to dream about homemade gifts and research how to make this or that and daydream about wrapping them and gifting them.

Today though, it's all about farmer's markets.  I hear so many people and friends talk about farmers markets and how excited they are that they'll start up again soon.  And it hit me. I need to take advantage of my living arrangements.  I have gone to and thoroughly loved farmers markets... and in California there is no "off season" for them.  So I've been researching my area and scouting local farmers markets.

What are your thoughts about living simply and farmers markets?


spartacus21 said...

I love farmer's markets! It's one of my favorite places to photograph as well!

Kelli B said...

I'm SO excited that you have a sewing nook! pictures, please!

I will also try and give you the tutorial I used for the pillowcases. Really simple, really easy to make.

Also, i LOVE farmers market! ours downtown begins tomorrow - I will be making an appearance with Brinkley to purchase some breakfast burritos, hopefully some veggies (but may be too early), and sample all the fare. YUM and FUN!

Kelsey Ramos said...

I bought a baguette from the French baker and a little cilantro plant at the farmers market in downtown L.A. on Thursdays -- and it made my day. You're right, it's easy to take them for granted when we live in a place with markets every day of the week, but there's something about talking to someone who made the bread in your hands that morning, or someone who knows what to do in a patio too-shady for vegetables ;)

Miss you!!