Monday, April 12, 2010

a little project

Based totally off a picture my aunt sent me, I decided to craft these little vases for Joni's bridal shower. They were surprisingly easy but I have lots of things I would try differently.
But they still turned out great. A fun and personal gift for anyone who loves pictures and/or vases.
Start with mod podge (hodge podge or deco page...all the same thing), the same number of pictures and vases, scissors, a pen and if you have it a ratty paintbrush or sponge.

I love these vases. Just so cute and petite. Much like the lucky bride, Joni.
I bought these vases at Michaels where I also picked up the mod podge (hodge podge or deco page... that's just fun to keep saying!)
I laid the vase on the picture to get an idea about the size and layout of the picture.

Then I traced around the vase on top of the picture in pen. *gasp* yes I did but don't worry it all works out my pretties!

There's the line you were gasping at. I made it wide and big so that I could cut inside the line... no one will even know you did this.
Then you cut the little suckers. Cut, like I said, inside the pen line.

Then using your ratty paintbrush or your ratty fingers... ha! apply the deco page (hodge podge or mod podge) to either the vase and the picture. I did a combination to make sure it worked.
Here's a couple steps I did not get pictures of....
*after I placed the picture on the vase, I strapped about 3-5 rubber bands around the picture and vase to keep it in place while it dried. I left these in place until the party began the next day. You could let them dry 5 hours or so just to be sure.
*while they are drying I placed a ribbon around the neck to add a touch of color...

Then I set up the party table and placed gerber daisies in the vases.

I just love these vases!!

I love flowers!

I am going to try my hand at these another time soon. Maybe an anniversary gift or a friend's birthday? It could also be a great bride's maids gift. so personal and cute and EASY!!

I wonder what the effect would be if the pictures were black and white? hmmmm


Auntie Beth said...

They are so cute!!! You did a great job - and I love the happy yellow! Congrats to Joni!

Kelli B said...

I love those little vases. Too cute!

I think I will make some of these for my house. They would look super cute on my mantel.

Mod Podge Amy said...

Very cute!

Anonymous said...

I really like these, I might try to do it! Congrats Joni!

Grammy said...

Joanna, I love these little vases. I'm putting in my order for one for Christmas! Grandma S.

Anonymous said...

I love these little vases Joanna, and I am putting in my order for one for my birthday or Christmas! A perfect gift for one too lazy to do it herself...Grandma S.