Wednesday, April 07, 2010


makes the world go round, don't you think? I do, at least. I think a little ridiculousness is good for the soul.
And so, let's have some, shall we? This is the blog entitled...

tries to kung fu her husband. This story may also be referenced as "Black Eyed Jo"...

Tiffanie, Ernest (two friends of ours), Mikey and I recently did some yardwork for our friend Sue. It was an amazing day and I have too many good memories of this day to recount at this time. The one good memory I had was of Sue's huge trampoline. I fell madly in love with it and begged Sue's permission to climb aboard my old friend.
See... I grew up on a trampoline. No, not literally. My father isn't a circus tightrope walker and my mother isn't the trapeze artist! I just mean that in my growing up years I spent MANY a good day on a trampoline.

In elementary school it was all about the trampoline, Schwann's chicken patties, freezie pops, ice cream sandwiches and a short lunch break for Days of Our Lives...
yes! You read that right! Guilty younger Joanna pleasure. I knew I had to call it quits when my childhood best friend thought she saw Marlena's demon posessed eyes in the kitchen window (secret: it was the toaster lights!). But oh, man! It was bliss! No school, Schwann's, Michelle and the sweet springs of the trampoline!

To top it off, I didn't have just one best friend who had one; both Michelle and Sarah had one. In junior high and high school there was still the appeal of the trampoline and I continued to spend many summer days with my friends repeating our summer schedules. But then we realized the trampoline was black and black attracts sun and sun makes me tan.
So like any other pre-tween and teenaged girl, I begged my mother for a bikini, promised her it was only for tanning and laid out daily on the black trampoline.
And when we realized SPF 55 was for grade schoolers, Sarah G and I graduated to tanning oil. And it was great!
So between my two closest girlfriends growing up I had many a good trampoline memories.

So I was expertly bouncing out my moves and familarizing my 27 year old body with what my 14 year old body had no problem doing! And let me be honest, my abs hurt like crazy after such a day. But it was the best! I can't even tell you how much I love trampolines. I wish I had room to put one because I promised I'd be begging Mikey for one in a heartbeat.

Anyway, I persuaded Mikey to join me after promises of being able to kick his butt kung fu style.

And although it doesn't look like it in this picture, I did a pretty good job.

Ohhh here's the roundhouse kick....

and now the prepatory jumps...

moving in for the kill... er, kick

sneak attack! I manuever to the other side!! Hiiiiya!

Whoa look at the height on that kick there!

prepping for another roundhouse...

and this my friends was the "tiger attack"... I save it for the very end when I have swiveled and circled my opponent mercilessly. I bring down their defensives, telling them I love them and I won't really hurt them... and then "hiiiya!!!" I leap at them like a tiger!

The only problem was I didn't want to actually hurt my husband so I jumped from a distance towards him and ended up coming face first into his knees.

I'm super ridiculous! This days amount should fill my ridiculous meter for some time now. I might have to hold back, nurse my sore eye socket/nose, and let someone else be ridiculous for awhile!!
Ah, trampolines, I love you!


Jordan said...


Anonymous said...

Joanna, you LIVED on our trampoline. :) It was the only thing ever that Dad actually caved into from Laurie and Michelle's incessant begging! Every time I came home, there you 2 were...on "the tramp."

Heidi said...

I absolutely love this!!
You make me smile! :D

Josh said...

this is awesome :D

emily said... this just made my day. i was laughing so hard!!! are awesome! and I miss you.

Kelli B said...

This makes me want to buy a trampoline. Brings back a lot of memories from junior high/high school!

I love the photos too :)

Abbie said...

you. are. hilarious. that's ALL i have to say.

Anonymous said...

JOANNA!! I almost cried reading this post! I love you! You should write a book. Seriously. I loved every word of this! Miss you and love you!
-Michelle Beth