Monday, July 13, 2009

katie & cody

ah, my beautiful roommate and her beloved were married june 28th, 2009.
what a fun day to celebrate the lives of two very awesome people!
congratulations katie & cody. katie during the ceremony

jenna lighting candles...

ann (who is getting married SUPER soon, herself) playing and playing and playing.... ;)

cody sees his bride enter the church

drew and my beloved (drew is mikey's best man at our upcoming wedding)

i loved the details of katie's dress...

katie saying her vows

her ring

his ring

his hand around her

holding each other's

the pronouncement

Mr and Mrs Gibbs!

seeing my handsome man in his sharp suit. i've got a great lookin' fiance!

katie's great idea for centerpieces! classic old books with a candle on top

good friends
liz, ismael, los, mikey
joni, kristine, jo

first dance

underneath this goregous chandelier

mikey's wandering what kristine is doing, kristine is being herself and i am oblivious to their interactions... oh, how i love these two!

kristine and michael

cutting the "cake"


they are SO cute together!

good friends

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Kelli B said...

I think you look totally great in burgundy.

I love weddings. I can't wait for YOURS!!!