Thursday, July 16, 2009

Really rude of me, I know!

How rude of me, right?
I promise you posts.
I promise you pictures.
I promise you stories and laughter on end of the two weeks (or so) I spent with my family.
Well, let me tell you. In the week to two weeks I spent with them I took 312 pictures!
3.1.2. pictures
So the thought of going through them, digitally fixing them and picking out which ones might or might not work is so overwhelming to me that I have avoided it.
And I have to apologize.
I'm so rude.
Here's the good news.
I feel so bad about my rudeness that I've decided to post in small increments. Starting with today. Here are my four sweet nieces and nephew... along with a video of Waveland singing wheels on the bus.
I offer that to you, my beloved readers.
And hope that you will forgive me.
If you can't watch the whole video watch the first 1:30... you won't regret it.
I promise.
And without further ado... I'll shut up and let you enjoy.
Miss Rude

p.s. I even posted their pictures in order of birth... how nice of me. (do you forgive me yet?)

Miss Lenora Daye

Mikey said, "pose" and that was what we got.

Miss Waveland Eliza eats a hot dog

Mr. Edwin David enjoys the girls... but would never wear beads of a girly color.
(no way sir!)

cookies with Miss Adelia True

and for all these cute photos I have 308 more almost as cute!


Anonymous said...

Thank you Joanna! I did a really bad job of taking pics of this trip and took probably about 10. I've checked the other blogs for more pics and then checked your blog today and was excited to see some!

jer said...

super. duper. cute. pictures. =)