Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Bridal Shower 101 by Beth Caldwell

My family threw Mikey and I a fabulous! totally awesome! bridal party.
My Uncle Bryan and Aunt Beth hosted it at their house. I was the most impressed with my Aunt's attention to detail.
The food was amazing and delicious... sandwiches, shark (made by my brother Jeremy), flaming hot cheetos (Mikey's favorite), baked lays (my favorite),
sorbet and

sushi prepared by my brother Jordan.

My Aunt gave Mikey and I our first shower gift...

drink tags so no one tries to drink from our glass. We're going to use these at our wedding!!

Everyone had so much fun; here is Grandma Schupbach stealing a kiss from Edwin.

Princess Lenora entertains her guests in the south wing...



Alanna, Jake, Grandma S. and Marge

Mikey and I had to play a game where we guessed how each other answered questions.
Unfortunately Mikey won :( and I have garbage duty for a whole month!
I wonder if Mikey will make his blushing, beautiful new bride take out that yucky trash?

It was so great to be surrounded by our family whom we love so much.


the bride

the groom

Deilly (Adelia), Becca, Alanna, Jake, and Grandma

Grandpa and Grandma Icenogle
with Uncle Bryan

(Grampa/Dad started a new nickname I like)

the rest of the kids were watching a movie with cousin Katie...


Mikey, I and Aunt Kay at the gift opening

Ooohhh our pots and pans!
Thanks everyone!
Mikey and I love to cook so we will definitely use these!!

Thanks Aunt Beth and Uncle Bryan for our beautiful party! It was above and beyond the call of "duty" and we are so touched that you would do this for us.
We love you both!!

Edwin says, "goodnight" before shutting the door.

Goodnight Edwin... and everyone!


Nicole Suzanne Farley said...

How fun...the first of the great presents!

beth caldwell realtor said...

It was our honor to shower you with love, food & gifts! We are so very happy for the two of you!!!

auntie beth

Anonymous said...

Okay, so I ran the game and don't even get mentioned or a picture except for the top of my head....come on!:)

Joanna Kay said...

in my defense, the person who took pictures did not take the very best ones... i'll look but i am pretty sure i was saving you from a bad picture.

Kelli B said...

I think you are such a beautiful bride-to-be, friend!

And I love those tags for the glasses.