Thursday, July 30, 2009

thirty-eight days

I am thirty eight days from becoming Mrs. Mikey Wang.
It's exciting, busy, a little bit outrageously crazy fun (that will increase as the days decrease) but if I am honest, a whole lot unknown.

I'm not good with change. I've said it before and I'll say it again. There's a nostalgic side of me that holds on to the beauty of my childhood and the experiences I've had since...

experiences like choosing a college, living with girl roommates, making decisions about after college, stepping off the plane in a new country alone, living in Japan, figuring out life for myself, discovering my intense love for baking, discovering my love for hostessing people, I cried myself to sleep many a nights in college and Japan but always woke up with a sense of God's presence......

What a breath of fresh air M has been in my life. He's been a steady presence in my life since we started dating. He pursued me and won my heart with confidence and has always brought me so much joy.

In 38 days I take my beloved's hand and start a life with him. With every turning of the page in my life, I have felt both nervous and excited.... it will be no different that day. The one thing I can bank on is God's faithfulness and clear presence in my life. The second thing that will help me in my next season as "wife" is the past 26 years of blessing and moments. All those moments I love to recall have made me who I am. All the people who have come into my life have helped steer me on this journey and so all the nostalgic feelings of memories are not hindrances to where I go but stepping stones that I had to cross before I could make it this far.

thirty eight glorious days of preparing... but luckily only thirty eight and not more. :)

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Mikey said...

Very encouraging! Can't wait for wedding planning to be done and we get married! I love you.