Sunday, November 13, 2011

4 Months Old

I can't resist these pants, even though they are a tad bit too big for the girls.  They are just so cute with ruffles on their bottoms.  They're very Dr. Seuss-esque and Dr. Seuss is very fashion forward in our home these days. :)

(Belly B & Li Li)
 Happy 4 months to my beautiful daughters.

(Li Li)
To celebrate we tried some rice cereal... it was overall a small step forward.  The girls have had a wonderful month.  We're still learning about their habits and preferences.  They're getting so close to rolling over and have gone back to breastfeeding.  After 2 1/2 months of pumping milk and then bottle feeding I decided I had had enough of pumping and pumping and pumping.  It was all I ever did.  No bueno! The best way to describe it was how my sister put it when she said I was basically bottle feeding and breastfeeding.
So we gave breastfeeding one more try since the girls are older and could (Lord willing) latch on better.  And they did! Praise God! Feeding the girls this way saves me oodles of time and so long to the pump.  I will only be using you for girls nights out.
Lots of small steps this month but Lord willing they all add up...


jamie said...

oh gosh they are so stinkin cute! and way to go pumping for so long- whew! glad they are doing well latching etc! love nursing :)

Kelli B said...

Your girls are growing so fast! They are adorable. I love those pants :)

And awesome news about nursing...that's a huge blessing!

Michelle Renae :) said...

LOVE. THOSE. RUFFLES!!! AHH! So cute! I can't wait and actually NEED to see these precious girls in person. From the sound of this post, it seems like you are doing a bit better :) So glad you can go back to breastfeeding. I hope things are a better for you!