Friday, February 03, 2012

here's to

Awhile back my dear friend J wrote a post about "these are the days" and "these are the days take two". You can find them on her blog here.

I was inspired to do my own "these are the days" and walked around for several days making the list up in my mind.  But instead of starting my list with "these are the days" I inevitably started off with a toast.  I would raise an imaginary glass of something smooth and delicious.  Whatever it was at the time didn't matter and in my imaginary world, my daughters raise their bottles and we all, "toast" to the season we are enjoying now.

Here's to...
*not having a kleenex handy while wiping my daughters' noses, so just wiping it on my jeans.
*having two cups of coffee in the morning followed by a cup of decaf. 
*being exhausted.
*having my heart melt when I get my girls up from napping and they have the HUGEST grins on their face.
*walking out of the house and knowing that I probably have dried boogers, spit up or poop somewhere on me.  And still walking out.
*an abundance of flowers that Hubs keeps bringing home to me.  As soon as one bouquet gets withered and tossed out, he comes home with a new one.  He has never bought me so many flowers even while we were dating.  It's really sweet.
*not having a clue what I will make for dinner, even though I try to plan ahead. I still stare at my fridge and wish I had a dinner fairy.
*crock pots.
*take out.
*the rejuvenating powers of sitting out on the patio and enjoying natures with my girls.
*long naps (may they last and endure till college... or at least kindergarten.  Long naps are God's gift to mothers! Can I get an amen?).
*loving motherhood and God pulling me through a rough time.
*dirty diapers, loads and loads of laundry, and piles of dishes.
*still having fall decorations up mixed with spring decorations mixed with just my own cluttered mess of life.
*stubbing my toes on the exersaucer, the toys, the multiple cribs, boppys, bumbos, rattles, etc. that lay around my house.
*showering before noon.
*getting dressed before noon. (is it sad that I get excited if I'm out of my pjs before noon?)
*pj days.  Still.  I gotta have them.

and finally, for today....
Here's to the house smelling slightly like dirty diapers, food going bad in the fridge cause I can't remember what I've bought, my pajamas not wearing holes in them, my plants ridden with bugs on them (grrr you stinkin' aphids) and joy! In the midst of all my craziness, joy!


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jamie said...

here here! i'll toast to those things!! :)