Friday, April 13, 2012

9 months

I was on my own today and so taking the nine month picture wasn't as easy as it usually is.  I was in quite a pickle, as they say, when it came to trying to keep my moving Love Bugs still.  So enjoy my "nice try" at the nine month photos.

It's been fun to see their different personalities come out.  For example, Li Li hasn't started crawling even though her sister is totally on the move.  Li Li seems to be more of a "hang back and figure it out first before taking action" kind of girl (aka Hubs) and Belle is more of a "jump right in"... (ahem, me).  Belle is crawling and getting into EVERYTHING.  She sits up and has even started pulling up to a standing position on furniture around the house.  It's so crazy how fast she's been progressing with this phase.  I feel like Belle will be an early walker but who knows?
does anyone else think this cute little outfits look like "hammer pants"? Just saying'...

They both LOVE to eat and love carrots, squash, avocado and banana.  They love cheerios and feeding themselves most of all.  They're getting so independent. (sniff, sniff)

(Lil's is in the pink and Bellsk is in the yellow)

Happy Birthday precious girls.  We love you so!

yeah... nice try mama! It's always nice to have an extra set of hands around this house these days.


jodi said...

they are SO stinkin' cute joanna :) i love blog stalking you.. i'd love to be an extra set of hands when i come back next year hehehe..

Sara said...

Wonderful "real life" pics. I'm pretty impressed that they both held the paper on that next to last one.
They are so cute!